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The Wellness Track

These workshops are designed to help you take good care of yourself. They have been organised by LUC's SLO, Lenore Todd, in collaboration with experts on well-being. These workshops give priority access to current LUC students and are completely free of charge.

MONDAY, JANUARY 24: 13.00-16.00 @ Wijnhaven 2.17

The popular societal image of a perfectionist (neat,
driven, and well, perfect) is at odds with what
perfectionism can do to a person. Frequently, a
perfectionist can look like a chronically untidy
procrastinator. So, if you consistently set unrealistic
goals and never feel like you're enough, this is the
workshop for you. We'll talk about what perfectionism
really is, how it impacts your life, and ways to finally stop
those negative thought cycles.


  • Vassia Sarantopoulou

TUESDAY, JANUARY 25: 13.00-16.00 @ Wijnhaven 4.78

Happiness is far more complex than it first appears.
Sometimes, when we achieve a goal that's supposed to
make us happy, we're left feeling oddly hollow. This
workshop engages with managing our expectations and
discovering what's worth chasing regarding personal


  • Ellen Dreezens

THURSDAY, JANUARY 27: 13.00-16.00 @ The Beehive

This beginners course combines theory and physical
practice leaving participants with a greater sense of
awareness and critical thinking skills under pressure. It
is also an opportunity to learn simple techniques of selfdefense
that are useful in real-world scenarios. We'll
discuss the role of the bystander, reasonable force, and
basic floor defense.


  • Soar with Us

January 24, 16.00-18.00 - Episodes 1-4 January 25, 16.00-18.00 - Episodes 5-8 January 27, 16.00-18.00 - Episodes 9-12

I May Destroy You (2020) is an Emmy and Bafta
award-winning HBO/BBC series from writer and
actress Michaela Coel. The series questions sexual
consent in contemporary life. It is both bitingly
hilarious and darkly confronting. As you can
imagine, there are discussions and depictions of
sexual violence. The engagement with these topics
is also coming from a survivor's perspective. It's
also one of the most deeply inclusive works of
television seen in recent years. Each episode is 30
minutes long and will be shown in four episodes in
a sitting, with a brief chat at the end of each

All screenings will be held in AvB 3.16

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