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Master Classes

Master classes offer students a deep dive into a topic that lies close to an alum’s heart. These range from explorations of complicated historical and political issues, to practical advice on careers.

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Leaving LUC is often difficult. It does get easier if you have
a plan, though. A plausible, albeit potentially daunting
option is getting a useful job. The road leading up there has
many stages, and we would like to help current students
see the different stops along the road. Therefore, we would
like to cover what you should do before setting out on this
journey, how you can succeed in the different stages of
selections, and negotiating your employment offer.


  • Vincent Miča

    Vincent graduated from LUC in 2020, as an
    IJ major, former RA, Coasters floor
    manager, and Res Publica co-founder. And
    so, he was unemployed for the first half
    year after graduating, until eventually
    seizing an internship at the Czech
    consulate in Sao Paulo, and later becoming
    a trainee at the European Commission,
    where he is now, half a year later, as a legal

  • Bálint Pataki

    Bálint is a Public Policy Analyst at KPMG,
    where he supports consultancy projects for
    the Hungarian government and EU bodies
    on economic, sustainability and regional
    development policies. At LUC, Bálint studied
    Governance, Economics and Development,
    and served as a Research Assistant,
    Residential Assistant and Student Member
    to the Programme Board.


Should Western countries release intellectual
property rights on vaccines to developing nations?
And more practically, how are these issues
negotiated at the WTO level? This class challenges
students to explore these questions from various
disciplinary angles and to step in the shoes of WTO


  • Frenkchris Sinay

    Frenkchris Sinay is an LLM candidate at
    the College of Europe. During his studies
    at Leiden and the Graduate Institute in
    Geneva, he trained at leading law firms
    as well as at the United Nations
    International Law Commission and the
    Permanent Missions of the Netherlands
    and the European Union to the World
    Trade Organisation.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 26: 15.00-17.00 @ AVB

This class will offer students the opportunity to learn about
what life is like as a journalist. Maarten and Hannah will
introduce the basics of interviewing, writing, audio and video
production, with an emphasis on multimedia journalism.
Students will be introduced to examples of great journalism
that students can read or watch beforehand, as well as the
tools that they can use to make their own audio or video
production. Students are invited to come with any questions
they might have about journalism, as well.


  • Hannah van der Wurff

    Hannah: After receiving my World Politics
    diploma from LUC I started a MA in Journalism.
    Ever since, I have been freelancing as a podcast
    and text based journalist for several outlets in
    the Netherlands and internationally. Currently I
    work as a reporter and podcast producer at
    national newspaper Trouw.

  • Maarten Moolenaar

    Maarten: After graduating from LUC I went on
    to intern at het Financieele Dagblad as an
    Infographics creator and cartographer. After a
    brief detour into GIS at Esri Nederland, I am
    now a freelance videographer and infographics
    artist for a variety of clients like the Volkskrant,
    Leiden University and international sporting

THURSDAY, JANUARY 27: 09.00-11.00 @ AVB

The constitutional structure of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
aims to combine three island countries (Curaçao, Aruba and Sint-
Maarten) and their former colonizer, the Netherlands. Although
the current constitutional structure is something most parties
theoretically agreed to, there are some serious flaws. The three
island countries have no votes in Parliament, they are
outnumbered in the Council of Ministers and the new dispute
settlement mechanism vital to balancing this out has recently
been withdrawn in Parliament. This raises the question to what
extent the colonial legacy of the Netherlands is still present in
today’s current structure.


  • Jasper Nooren

    I am Jasper and I graduated from LUC in
    2020. Alongside my studies at LUC, I
    pursued my law degree which I’m aiming to
    finish in 2022. I’ve lived in Curaçao when I
    was younger and have written many essays
    and my capstone on the Caribbean islands
    of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. I’m
    hoping to return to Curaçao for an internship
    in February and I’m thrilled to give this
    masterclass on the Caribbean islands of the

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