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Anita van Dissel

From Annotation to Search Tool: A Thesis in a Digital Learning Environment.

Help in writing a thesis

Some students go to the end of the bachelor’s programme in a straight line, while others face a variety of obstacles along the way. Despite a decent learning track, a great number of students lack basic writing skills at the end of their bachelor’s programme. One of the reasons could be that the study materials are not sufficiently consistent with thinking and learning processes. Writing a historical thesis requires a range of different basic skills. First-year students now learn how to conduct research and write a thesis using a syllabus. My plan is to have a website designed in which students are supervised (in their rooms or in the library) step by step in doing research and writing their thesis. The intended website will be equipped with all kinds of tools, such as (language) tips, exercises, examples (of how things should and should not be done), links, videos and test questions (Has the past tense been used? Does the conclusion answer the thesis statement?). The website is primarily intended for first-year students of History, as a tool for two thematic lecture series. However, bachelor’s students can make use of the website after the first year. The advantage of the digital learning environment is that it can be constantly kept up to date.

Anita van Dissel.

Anita van Dissel, Faculty of Humanities, History

‘As a lecturer in Maritime History I enjoy sharing my ideas about good and innovative teaching with colleagues from various faculties. I am convinced that I can learn a lot from their experiences. It find it really satisfying to see students develop. Fellows at the Leiden Teachers’ Academy discuss different methods of teaching that can contribute to the developing and shaping of students.’

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