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Previous lectures

From 2003 to 2013, Leiden University organised a total of ten Niko Tinbergen lectures (as a successor to the Stephen Jay Gould lectures). These lectures were dedicated to the famous Leiden Nobel Prize winner and were delivered by top international experts in the field of evolution and behavioral biology. The main speakers of the Tinbergen Lecture have been:

  • 2003   Tijs Goldschmidt
  • 2004   Richard Dawkins
  • 2005   Jared Diamond
  • 2006   Edward O. Wilson
  • 2007   Frans de Waal
  • 2008   Neil Shubin
  • 2009   Marc Hauser
  • 2010   Sarah Blaffcr Hrdy
  • 2012   Timothy Birkhead
  • 2013   Steven Pinker

An honours course for selected top students was connected to the lectures. Media and organisation partners were NRC Handelsblad, NWO, Boerhaave museum and Naturalis. All lectures were well attended and attracted considerable media attention.

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