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World Cycling Day

Regular physical activity of moderate intensity such as walking  or cycling can significantly contribute to our health. However, in the last year, where most work and study related activities have moved to an online environment, getting enough movement can sometimes prove to be a challenge for some. We invite you  to celebrate World Bicycle Day (June 3rd), during which several activities contests are organized for you to ensure you keep active! Hope on your bike, join in on a morning yoga session or maybe join the photo contest with a prize give-way to get your body moving!

Are you too busy to join any of the planned activities on June 3rd? No worries, Healthy University Leiden will be organizing a week full of activities called from #COVID to #GOFIT taking place June 21st-25th. Make sure to mark the date in your calendars!

World Cycling Day Themes (June 3rd)

As part of Healthy University Leiden we want to strive for and sustain healthy workers at Leiden University. In the past we have organized Healthy University Weeks or smaller scale vents such as the Day of Working from home, where workshops and activities centered around both physical and mental health were organized. Various tips and tricks can be found in the HU @ Home dossier. Click on the themes below to go through to contents of the dossier:

Sports lessons

Are you unable to hop on your bike and cycle on World Cycling Day? You can also sign up for an online sports class organized by the University Sports centre. See the schedule and sign up using the link in the schedule. 

Learn about the (local) nature in the Netherlands while contributing to a better future: try out an e-bike on World Bike Day!


Although the weather in the Netherlands will always be unpredictable, June might be the month to say with certainty that the temperatures will be pleasing enough for a ride on your bicycle. Aside from the benefits for your (mental) health, you will also make a positive impact on the environment. Start cycling, try out an e-bike and win a fitbit on Leiden University's World Bike Day 2021!

Cycling has an average CO2-emission of 21 grams per kilometre. This carbon footprint is less than if you would walk, drive or take the bus within the same distance1. Perhaps unexpectedly, electric bikes have even less carbon offset, due to the fact that the duration between going from A to B is shortened2.

On World Bike Day 2021 the Leiden University Green Office (LUGO) highlights a beautiful offer of Bereikbare Haaglanden and Rijnland to try out an e-bike for a week for free! Because we are covenant partner of Bereikbaar Haaglanden en Rijnland you can try out an e-bike for free for a week.  Use your business e-mail address to make it clear that you work for Leiden University. You can collect the e-bike and return it to one of the participating bicycle dealers. You can find more information on the reservation page.

Reservations can be made via this link!

To make this offer even more attractive, we offer a cycling route through South-Hollands’ parks and forests from World Cycling Day onwards. The cycling route is made in collaboration with Naturalis: centre of Biodiversity! Within these routes, there’s plenty of flora and fauna to spot. Alongside the cycling route that LUGO provides, we added a list of unique plants and animals which you can spot on both your left- and righthand side.  

Learn about the (local) nature in the Netherlands while contributing to a better future.  

  • Subscribe for the e-bike trial through your staff e-mail.
  • Click here for the cycling routes in South Holland

The mental and physical health of a human being significantly improves when people start cycling more often. What exactly does cycling provide?

  • Mentally: cycling can prevent or treat anxiety, depression, improve cognitive functioning and increase subjective well-being. It improves self-esteem, mood and exposure to nature.  
  • Physically: cycling is also associated with a higher cardio-vascular fitness, a better Body Mass Index (BMI), less change of obesity, lower triglyceride levels, normal resting blood pressure and less fatigue.
  • Contact: cycling can improve the prevalence of social interactions, community attachment, livability and amenity.

Mental health for students

Physical health for students

  • Online sport turtorials (USC): make sure you get enough exercise and relaxation
  • Rapenburg 100: student support & meditation
  • Sexual health: for questions about your sexual health (STD’s, contraception, pregnancy, etc.)

Contact with students

  • Buddy system: meet other students for company, support or shared activities
  • Meeting point: helps international, first generation and refugee students to find their way within the university
  • LGBTQ community: contact people within the LGBTQ+ community
  • Study associations: combine study-related activities with having fun

To stimulate as many Leiden University employees as possible, the Leiden University Green Office and Healthy University Leiden have set up a photo contest give away. The rules of participation are simple:

  1. You must be an employee or student at Leiden University 
  2. You must fill in the following form
  3. You must upload a picture of either 
    1. yourself cycling 
    2.  your bike in the surroundings or 
    3.  a screen shot of the bike route you have completed

The winners will be selected at random using a number generator. The form will be closed by June 3rd, 23:59. 

What can you win?

  • 2x fit bit 
  • 5 x electrical rechargable bike lamps 

Send in your picture today! 

The Schedule 


Time  Activity 
08.00-08.45 Yin Yang Yoga ( taught by Aurora Leeuw) (ENG + NL) sign up
10.00-10.20 Office work-out (taught by Kathelijne Mischner) (ENG + NL) sign up
All day (until 03/06, 23.59) Photo competition prize give-away (fill in form here)
Available throught the year  Subscribing to a free e-bike trial (here)
Available throught the year  Map of cycling routes in South Holland


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