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Stay active, keep learning

In addition to physical activity, ‘mental activity’ is also extremely important for our well-being. Think of learning new things and personal development. We normally do this at work by sharing knowledge with colleagues or by following courses. This may now seem difficult to create time for as working from home brings a lot of challenges. How do you stay focused when your boss is on the line, the dog jumps up at you with its wagging tail while you have to comfort your daughter who has just fallen off her bike?

However, staying mentally active is just as important as a (lunch) walk. It helps to strengthen your mental resilience. We could definitely use some of that during these times!  You can continue to work on your personal and professional development from the comfort of your own living room. For example in the fields of Mental Innovation, Creative Thinking, Vitality and Energy or Stress.

How, you might wonder? Via the university we offer free online e-learning courses from New Heroes.You can log in with your own ULCN account and get started straight away!

Are you a supervisor or manager? Then the question may arise how you can ensure that your team also takes steps during these challenging times and "keeps moving forward". In that case, take a look at the training "Help your team members excel". You will learn how to raise awareness about the importance of personal development amongst your employees and how to continue to activate and motivate employees.

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