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Ommetje Walking Competition

New! Join our Ommetje walking competition

Walking on a daily basis is super important to keep your brain healthy. You will be more productive and energetic after taking an Ommetje. It will also help you unwind and increases your creativity. So quickly download the Ommetje App by the Hersenstichting in the Google Play Store or the App Store.

The Ommetje app by the Hersenstichting

That is why we start with the Ommetje app Monday 1st of March (until April 30th) 2021! This is an initiative by the Hersenstichting and professor neuropsychology Erik Scherder. Walking keeps your brain healthy and will be even more fun with this app.

Battle against your colleagues

Healthy university Leiden created a walking competition employees of Leiden University and the LUMC. Accept the challenge and battle against your colleagues by taking a 20 minute Ommetje every day. You’ll walk together, even without being at the same location. Besides that you can unlock all kinds of medals and levels in the app. After every Ommetje you will also be rewarded with one of Erik Scherders brain facts.

This is how you join

1. Download the Ommetje app in the Google Play Store or the App Store.

2. Create an account. In case you already have one, create a new account with another email address.

3. Fill in our unique company code: FTEWP

4. Choose your department. Note: you can’t change this.

5. Finish your registration.

6. Take an Ommetje!

7. Challenge the rest of your colleagues to join Ommetje!

The best of luck with Ommetje!


Why Ommetje?


Sitting is the new smoking

One third of the Dutch people sits for seven to sixteen hours a day. Despite the fact that we know that moving is the answer to many issues, stress at work to be one of them, we do this less and less. A stressed and siting life negatively influences the metabolism and increases the risk on heart and vascular diseases. It can also have a negative effect on your mood.

Walking keeps your brain healthy

A daily Ommetje contributes to a great physical and mental health. Because walking (unconsciously) activates a lot of areas in the brain. For example, have you been worrying about the same problem for the better part of the morning? Taking an Ommetje for at least 20 minutes might help you find the solution. Because you aren’t cognitively challenging yourself for a moment, aren’t worrying about anything, it activates the ‘default mode network’. Your brain will start working on a solution in the background. This network also increases your creativity.

More energy

Another advantage of achieving your Ommetje goals every day is an increase of dopamine in your body. This substance is part of the reward system in your brain. Whenever you reach a goal, dopamine levels will rise. This makes you feel good.

In this chapter we explain how the app works in more detail

  • I’m taking an Ommetje: Users can start their Ommetje from here. An Ommetje is registered by using the time and location based data on their mobile phone. Note: an Ommetje will only be registered after the user has walked for a minimum of ten minutes.
  • My progression: In this version of Ommetje you will be offered the opportunity to walk at least twenty minutes on a daily basis. On the ‘my progression screen’ you can view the leaderboard on which your progression in respect to others is shown. The ranking of the user is determined by the amount of registered Ommetjes, the medals that are unlocked and the amount of shared Ommetjes. A user earns XP points with all actions. The more XP points, the higher ones position on the leaderboard.
  • Medals: In the infographic below is shown which medals can be earned. Every medal has a bronze, silver, gold, ruby, saffier en diamond version.
  • Statistics: Employees can see the following statistics on the homepage: Amount of Ommetjes taken; Total time walked; Daily streak; Longest streak.
  • View your Ommetjes: Under the ‘View your Ommetjes button’ the employee finds a daily overview of the walked Ommetjes, the amount of XP points earned and the medals that have been unlocked
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