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Social interaction

Keeping in touch with others will benefit your studies and work.

Besides not being able to go the University for your studies or work, you will also be missing everyday contact with fellow students and colleagues. Human contact is an essential part of your studies or job. Research has shown that social support is also important for reducing symptoms of stress. People with a strong social network have a higher life expectancy and a better immune system. So stay in touch and keep offering support to those around you. It will benefit your studies and your work.

How to keep in touch

  • Call fellow students, colleagues, friends and family more often for a chat.
  • Set up app groups with fellow students and colleagues.
  • Mail someone a compliment, or send flowers, a card or something else.
  • Keep working together with fellow students and colleagues. You can do this with various digital tools: set up online meetings or study together online, have a digital lunch or a digital coffee break, or start one of our online courses together and evaluate what you have learned afterwards.
  • Do something fun together online: perhaps playing a game, sharing photos or watching television togethe
  • Remember, you’re not alone in what you are feeling. We are all experiencing some degree of loneliness just now. It can make us feel shut off from the rest of the world, but sharing this emotion and taking action by reaching out to each other can help.
  • Offer ‘corona-proof’ assistance to others. A small gesture can do a lot. It’s wonderful to see all the online (corona-proof) initiatives. Think up initiatives that you can start from the safety of your own home (sofa even), keeping a safe distance from others.
  • If you are unable to visit others, share what you are doing so you can keep in contact with others. You will find the hashtag #coronahulp on social meeting. This will help us inspire and motivate each other. Do be aware of security issues and which data you share.


If you are feeling lonely and there is no one in your network you can turn to, perhaps these numbers can help:

  • De Luisterlijn (available 24/7) 0900-0767
  • @wijzijnmind (Mon-Fri 09.00-18.00 hrs.) 0900-1450
  • Red Cross (09.00-21.00 hrs) 070-4455888

In urgent situations or if you would like Leiden University to put you in touch with a student psychologist or coach (for staff), please go to our contact page.

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