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Submit Final Documents

Unconditional Admission

In order to start your studies at LUC The Hague you need to be unconditionally admitted to the programme. To receive your unconditional admission statement you need to provide the Admissions Office with the required documents stated in your Online Application Portal. You can view the requirements under Admission Decision.

All students must submit the following unless otherwise stated in their online application portal:

  1. Official proof of obtaining the (secondary school) diploma including transcript
  2. Proof of English proficiency
  3. Proof of Mathematics proficiency

Depending on which diploma you will obtain, you may have additional or fewer requirements. Please view the three categories below and read what and how you need to submit the documents necessary in order to be unconditionally admitted to the programme.

Please note! Unless you are unconditionally admitted to LUC The Hague, you cannot start your studies in August.

In your Online Application portal you can view whether the Admissions Office still needs to receive certified copies of your diploma and final transcript.

Download the Conditional Admissions decision which you can find under the section ‘Admission Decision’ to view all your admission requirements. This statement also indicates how you need to submit your final documents (diploma, transcript, translations, other requirements).

Address to post official documents to:

Leiden University College The Hague
Admissions Office
Anna van Buerenplein 301
2595 DG The Hague
The Netherlands

If one of the conditions on your conditional admission statement is submitting sufficient proof of your English proficiency, please view which tests and scores LUC accepts here and how you need to provide the Admissions Office with your results. After the Admissions Office has verified your results, the status of the requirement for admission will be changed to ‘Completed’. Your English proficiency test needs to be verified before the end of July.

All students have a mathematics requirement stated on their conditional admission statement. If you have graduated and obtained the required score, the status of this requirement will be ‘Completed’. If the status is ‘Not completed’, this means you still need to provide the Admissions Office with sufficient proof.

  • If the condition is that you need to get a certain grade for mathematics in a school subject, providing the Admissions Office with a copy of your official final transcript confirming this will be sufficient in order to meet this requirement. Please view category one on how to submit this document. This item can only be verified, if the transcript is submitted following the requirements.
  • If you cannot proof your mathematics proficiency by submitting your final secondary school transcript because you need to prove your mathematics through an external organization (not your school), check the additional information for this requirement in your Online Application Portal on how to submit this.
  • If you cannot proof your mathematics proficiency because you have not obtained the required grade/score/level for mathematics, you are still allowed to start at LUC, but will be required to take the Mathematics Diagnostic Exam on 1 September 2021. For more information please view the Math Diagnostic Exam & Remedial Math Course section. In this case, the mathematics requirement status will be set to ‘Completed’ after the diploma requirements have been met and the Admissions Office notified you that you are required to take the Mathematics Diagnostic Exam.
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