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Rent Subsidy

Rent Subsidy is a tax refund provided by the Dutch Government, to people who rent a room or a house but don’t have a sufficient income. The rooms in the Anna van Buerenplein qualify for rent subsidy. Students may get around €150-€170 monthly, depending on the apartment size, the rent amount, and the individual situation of each student.

This Rent subsidy is available to all students who have a single studio apartment at LUC, regardless of nationality. The rent amount for each student differs, and it will be stated in the contract you will receive in July.

Please note that the rent subsidy is based on the basic rent excluding the service costs. The tax offices states that the maximum amount of rent  to qualify per month is of  432,51 (this is basic rent + shared utility costs). LUC basic rent + shared utility costs is exactly 432,51. The all in rent is 575,26 (including water, gas, electricity and other fees)

Requirements to get rent subsidy

1. You are 18 years or older.
2. You have a valid residence permit.
3. You have a BSN Number.
4. You have a Dutch Bank account.
5. You are registered at the municipality with the correct address.
6. You have a DigiD

What do you need to do?

1. Go to the municipality and register, or change your address to your new address after you have signed your contract and picked up your keys.

2. You have to open a Dutch bank account,

3. As soon as you have received your BSN number (will happen after you register at the municipality), you can apply for a DigiD online (an online system for many bureaucratic processes). Please inform ask your RA or Dutch friends for assitance. The process is quite simple, but in Dutch.

4. Start the application for rent subsidy via internet after you have registered with DigiD.

How to apply?

Unfortunately all the information on the website of the Belastingsdienst (Tax Office) is in Dutch. However, second year students at LUC as well as our support staff can assist you with this process.

For more information, you can visit the Tax Office website, though the information is in Dutch.

Important to know

Processing the rent subsidy application will take up to 8 weeks after the Tax office has confirmed the receipt of your application. The Tax Office will grant you the subsidy from the start date of your rent. Usually the Tax Office does the monthly payments around the 19th of each month. You need to make sure to have the full amount needed for your rent for at least the first two months after moving to LUC.

In most cases, all students who are not Dutch are called in for an appointment with the Tax Office to present their documents.

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