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Math Diagnostic Exam & Remedial Math Course

Math Diagnostic Exam and Remedial Math Course

If you do not have the required mathematics results or mathematics at the required level, you are still allowed to start at LUC The Hague, but will be required to take an (online) Mathematics Diagnostic Exam at the start of the academic year. This exam is meant to assess your mathematics level. It provides an indication whether more training is needed in order to be able to successfully complete the compulsory mathematics course in the second semester of the first year.

The Mathematics Diagnostic Exam is scheduled on Wednesday 1 September 2021 in the afternoon and is free of charge for students. Students who will need more training will be advised to take a two or three-week Remedial Math course based on the diagnostics exam results.

Exam Preparation

In order to successfully complete LUC’s Mathematics course, students must be able to comprehend the following skills, as well as being able to combine those:

  • Basic algebra (fractions, roots, and exponentials)
  • Linear and quadratic functions and their graphs
  • Basic exponential and logarithmic functions
  • Basic trigonometric identities
  • Inequalities and derivatives

These are the skills that will be assessed in the Mathematics Diagnostic exam and further trained in the Remedial Mathematics course.

Remedial Math Course

For those students who need more training, a Remedial Mathematics course is offered before the start of the second semester. Participating in the Remedial Mathematics course is at the student’s own expenses. Following the Remedial Mathematics course is not compulsory. It is the student’s own responsibility and decision to follow the advice given at the end of the Mathematics Diagnostic Exam or not.

The Remedial Mathematics courses serve as extra training and are scheduled for January 2022. The two week course starts on 17 January and will end on 28 January 2022 with an exam, the three week course starts on 10 January already. Both courses takes place each workday, from either 10:00 to 13:00 or 14:00 to 17:00. These courses are at the students’ own expenses and the two week course costs approximately EUR 450,- per student (including course materials and final exam). Please make sure to plan travel arrangements and holiday plans accordingly after the results of the exam and accompanying advice have been released. The Remedial Mathematics course is not required but strongly recommended if your results of the diagnostic exam are not sufficient.

Other Math Courses

For students who would like to prepare well before they start at LUC, there are several other math preparation courses:

  • Summer course VWO Mathematics A at Boswell-Bèta Institute
    This intensive course trains students for VWO level mathematics A similar to LUC’s admission requirement. It is offered online and in class (the latter only in Dutch): VWO Mathematics A (English) and VWO Wiskunde A (Dutch).
  • Refresher course Mathematics Basis B at Boswell-Bèta Institute
    This refresher course (only available in Dutch) provides a good preparation for the Mathematics Diagnostic Exam, especially for students who intend to choose one of the three BSc majors at LUC.
  • Khan Academy, Free online training: Khan Academy provides more information on mathematical skills, as well as free online courses.

The exact time of the diagnostic exam and mathematics courses as well as the exact costs will be communicated in June 2021. If anything remains unclear, please reach out to Sofia Mollers with your questions: a.s.mollers@luc.leidenuniv.nl

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