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Pre-Arrival Activities

To fully prepare you for your arrival at LUC, we have two important online activities: the Pre-Departure and Pre-Union events. Keep reading to find out what they are and why you need to join.

What is the Pre-Departure?

The Pre-Departure is an online event focused on prepping you for the beginning of a three year stay in another city/country. It will include staff and students that will present the most important things to know and prepare before coming to The Hague, like what to pack. Naturally, there will be plenty of room to bombard us with questions. Your parents/caregivers are welcome to join this information session. We will offer the Pre-Departure three times, so you can pick the time slot that suits you best.

You will have the opportunity to rewatch the Pre-Departure Presentation after its occurrence. Keep an eye on this website for access to the recording!

​​​​​​​What is the Pre-Union? 

The Pre-Union is an online social opportunity for admitted students to get to know each other, meet some of the Intro Week Mentors, and start prepping for the BIG new start! The event will be hosted online and contain rooms to chat, connect and have a good time. It will be a fun event to meet some of your future friends, so make sure you're there! We will offer the Pre-Union twice, to accommodate students in different time zones. As this event is focused on socializing, it is only for admitted students, not for parents/caregivers.

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