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Moving Days 2021

Moving Week will take place between 20-22 August 2021. In order to prepare yourself for your Moving Day, we want to share with you some more info, and what to expect before this date. DUWO - our student housing partner that deals with LUC's housing will be in touch with you in the summer to start arranging housing contracts. You will sign your contract and receive your room number and floor during the summer. On your Moving Day you will pick up your keys.


What you need to expect from this process is the following:

  1. You will receive an allocated check-in day and time via email through housing@luc.leidenuniv.nl Please note that you will not be able to move in anytime beforehand nor can select a day yourself.
  2. You will receive your log-in details for the DUWO environment from DUWO together with all necessary information on how to sign your rent agreement and the first month rent. You will receive and sign your rent agreement online. (If you have applied using your school email please send us another email where this contract can be sent to).
  3. Keys will be distributed by DUWO during your assigned time-slot.

Logistics of The Day

Your studio apartments will be fully furnished, and will have all the necessities. More detailed information can be found here.

However, if you plan to bring other items from home, especially big furniture, we recommend for you to plan to do this at a later date after introweek. During your check-in time, you will only have 1 hour to park at the square in-front of LUC. It will be very busy, and therefore access to the lifts will be limited (also in order to keep a distance). There will be plenty of time for you to pimp up your apartments after this day.

Practical Information

Please do not bring bulky items on Moving Day! To avoid long waiting lines for the elevators, only bring the necessities on Moving Day, and plan to move heavier items, such as furniture, for another day. Your room will have all the furniture and facilities you need.

Paid parking is available all day at Q-Park opposite Anna van Buerenplein (please note height restrictions to the covered parking apply). For unloading cars there will be an assigned area next to the building . You can use the space to unload your car within the allocated timeslot. Please be aware that only a few cars are allowed to enter the square for safety reasons.

Do you arrive on another day? Then this temporary parking space will be closed off by traffic bollards. These are lowered on the following days and times:

Monday to Friday:          5-7 AM and 10-11.30 AM

Saturday:                            6.00-11.30 AM

Sunday:                               6:00-11:30 AM

To apply for an exemption you can request it here at the Municipality.

Plan your journey with public transportation in The Netherlands via 9292.nl  It includes the schedules for trains, trams, metros, and busses.

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