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Introduction Week Mentors

During the week each group will have two mentors. Your mentors know all of the ins and outs of the LUC College life and can answer your questions. But most of all they are there to make sure you have an amazing week!

Hey guys!

Congratulations, you got into the best mentor group ever! We are Akshaj and Camilla, second years studying World Politics and IJ respectively. We will be your mentor family for the duration of intro week, and we will impart all our shared knowledge and wisdom on how to survive (and party like there is no tomorrow)!

As you can probably tell from the sign, you’ve ended up with some of the biggest nerds in LUC. What this means for you is that your mentor week be extra fun! We are also slightly competitive, so we hope you will join us on our quest to roundly defeat all the other mentor groups!


We have both been involved in a plethora of extra curriculars, with Akshaj being an avid Leiden MUN participant and Camilla playing football on the girl’s team. We will definitely be able to tell you which activities you guys can experience and enjoy while at LUC. We are both from a very international background, so we understand if you’re worried about living in a strange city alone. Both of us are willing and able to answer any of your questions, comments and concerns, so you can have a great time at intro week and beyond!

We are so excited to meet all of you guys and are looking forward to making you feel as comfortable and as welcome as we did in our intro week. Feel free to message us any time.

See you in August!

From your Loving Mentors,

Akshaj and Camilla


Nice to meet (not yet though) you all! We are Diva and Aly, and we’ll be your moms (only group 2 included … jk we love you all) for Intro Week (and friends; and mentors beside that as well)!

Diva is a 19 years old from the country most people refer to as Bali (Indonesia), and Aly is a 20 years OLD from the two beautiful countries of beer and vodka (Germany and Ukraine). Despite coming from far away places, we both call floor 17 our home.

Wonder why Diva is feeding an Orangutan doll and Aly is standing there smiling with her teeth (which she does so rarely)? Well, as it’s only a sneak peek as to who we are, you better get here and meet us!

Cheers to us:

  1. Aly loves sports and Diva loves the beach, so we will be organising the Beach Day
  2. We love getting creative, especially with our free time and telling stories. So if you’re bored, we got you!
  3. Don’t worry, you will probably see us around a lot at LUC even after Intro Week as Diva will either be planning cool events as CAO of Fortuna or perform something for Beyond Arts, while Aly will be serving cold beers and Cocktails @Coasters

We can’t wait to meet you all and to go through all the excitement, but obviously also the hard times of Intro week. We will be sticking around and supporting you as much as possible. More to that in our bedtime story sessions :)

Hola Amigos! It's your-soon-to-be best buds Isaac and Allegra. Isaac hails from the farthest reaches of Brexitland and Allegra the land of Pizza, Pasta, and traitors. Allegra has that Southern European passion and spirit; where as Isaac does not, but makes up for it with his wit and sarcasm (which half of LUC does not understand). Our friendship first blossomed under the shared experience of HOP week (it’s like bad intro-week), however, our deep and undying connection bore fruit during our attempts at football.

As part of our mentor group, prepare yourself for unwanted amounts of fun. Ontop of all the normal fun, there will be water fights, footy matches, and generally high amounts of banter. Honestly, we are going to be the best mentor duo and we look forward to meeting all our mentees. Feel free to contact us at any time, we are friendly and caring and you’re going to love us.

Lots of love,

Isaac and Allegra

Hey everyone,

Welcome to the best mentor group ever: probably sleeping during the day, but partying during the night. Our names are Charlotte and Floris and we’re so happy to be your mentors this coming introduction week. We’re both second-years starting the GED major. We’ve got to know each other because we live in the same corridor on floorteen. Usually, you can find us in Floris’s room sipping white wine both before and after floor dinners.

We’re very excited to guide you around the city of the Hague. Besides the regular program, we’d like to go to our favorite places with you. These include ice cream shop Luciano’s, the bookstor cafe, paleistuin (a nice park behind the king’s working palace in The Hague), plein (a square with many cafes), and the clubs Havana’s & Paard.

Charlotte likes to think things are always going to be fine, but in turn refuses to lift a finger for it. (How’s health insurance and room benefit going lol?)

Floris is one of a kind: always inviting the whole of LUC to his room to have drinks and then complaining about how dirty dishes don’t wash themselves after.

Enjoy your free summer time as long as you can and we will be ready to introduce you to the student life in August!

Hey party people,

We just may be the coolest dudes in LUC 😉. Our hobbies include partying, talking to people and being cool. If you don’t see us at coasters for Tuesyay or Thursdaze then you’ll probably see us tearing up the dancefloor at the club. Our favourite genres of music are most definitely hip-hop (frick mumble rap), techno and EDM. 

Syds is doing world politics next year and Gabriel is doing GED. We both live on floor 11 (heaven). Syds is Dutch so he can help you out with any problems with getting settled in the Netherlands (bank accounts, rent benefit etc) Gabriel is from South Africa so he can’t do much, but according to recent gallup polls about 20% of his jokes are sure to give you a good chuckle. We really hope to be able to show you the ins and outs of both LUC and the Hague, even if this means that we have to spill some of the LUC tea.

We hope that we will provide our mentor group with the chilliest intro-week and we hope to see y’all super duper soon.


Syds and Gabriel

Hey kids,

We’re Julia and Laurens and we’re super excited to meet you in August! We’re both 19, living on floor 20 and majoring in Human Diversity™.

Julia is Polish-Iranian but has lived in Germany her entire life. In LUC, she is involved in like literally everything. Laurens is from the beautiful city of Maastricht, which means that, even though he’s 100% Dutch, he is basically Belgian in the Hague. Julia speaks German, Polish, English and French, and Laurens is level 11 in Duolingo Swedish.

We look forward to introducing you to the city, the beach and Luciano’s!

Also, be prepared to have your wig snatched.

Btw if u misbehave, we’ll call ur mom xoxo

Hello first year babies, we are your introweek mama’s.
Our names are Dionne and Juul and we met during our introweek because Juul had to kill Dionne (for a game). Dionne to this day still feels some hostility towards Juul for that moment and will express her trauma in her Human Diversity essays this year. Juul is majoring in Governance, Economics and Development so that she can avoid Dionne. Lucky for you, fate has brought these two competitive Dutch girls together to become best mentors LUC has ever known! We’ll be there to embarrass you in public and will capture all the times you make a fool of yourself (to increase our chances of winning, of course). Jokes aside, we are both very excited to meet you and teach you the ins and outs of LUC, The Hague, and of course Dutch culture.
We’re gonna have lots of fun and Lucky no. 7 for the win!!!

We are Cyril and Matt, and are 19 and 20 years old. Cyril was born in Paris, but is of Lebanese descent, and has spent the majority of his life living in Dubai. Matt is as British as you can get and has spent the whole of his life in London.

We are both majoring in Human Diversity and have been very involved in the LUC community. Cyril has been involved in Fortune TV, the student bar, the LUC band and the winter play. Matt hosts the Pub quiz and is on the LUC.ID (photography) board. But this is honestly pretty boring stuff, so what do you really need to know about us.

Useful skills we offer:

  • Mixing/producing quality techno tunes
  • Best cafes to drink good coffee
  • If you want to learn to surf
  • Quality entertainment

We’re so excited to meet you all and want to make intro week the best so far! If you have any questions/worries/concerns we are more than happy to help you out!

See you in August!


We’re Jonny and Rae, from Oxford and New York City respectively. We’re both World Politics majors, and looking forward to getting to know you all. We’ll be here for you throughout intro week and beyond to help you out with any issues you face, from residency permits to washing machines. We’re active throughout the LUC community; Jonny with the pantomime and the bar, and Rae in Beyond Arts, the arts committee here. We’re also involved in Extinction Rebellion both locally and nationally.

We’re really looking forward to August, and getting to finally meet you guys!

See you soon!

Jonny and Rae

Hey hey hey!

Hope you are all well! We all know the horror that finals are, but there is indeed life on the other side, so just keep on for a while longer.

But now to the good stuff: we are Amelia and Miina, 19 and 20, both Earth, Energy and Sustainability majors (which is clearly the best major). Amelia is from the UK and Switzerland so she loves chocolate and rainy weather. Miina is from up North a.k.a. Finland and also lived in Kiwiland for a while, so she loves (and like really LOVES) saunas and nature. We will take you to the best thrift shops, cafes, parks and of course the BEACH!! We also both enjoying going out while experiencing the nightlife of the Hague, ranging from techno beats (Amelia) to some (actually) good old-school jams (Miina). During the intro week we will not only show you a good time, but take good care of you (Miina will be the mom and Amelia will be the drunk aunt).            

 We can’t wait to meet you all and ensure that you all have a 10/10 time. Go group 10!

Hey there soon to be LUC-goers! We hope your exams did not stress you out too much and that you are enjoying your holidays :)))) We are Tessa and Noah, and we are so happy to be your mentors this Introweek! We hope we’ll be able to introduce you to LUC and The Hague, have lots of fun experiences, and create some lasting friendships. The following are opinions written about each other, so that you can get to know us in an objective, non-biased, reliable source (peer reviewed), funner, kinda way.

Both of us are Dutch, but Noah has lived in New Jersey, the US, for four years. When he lived in the Netherlands, he lived in the beautiful tiny black whole that is called “Woudeberg” in the middle of the Bible belt. Tessa has lived in Leiden all her life, and is somehow convinced that it is the best city on earth. Also, don’t make Tessa mad because else she will shoot a badminton shuttlecock at you. We are both gonna major in Earth, Energy and Sustainability, but Tessa is winning since she is vegan. Noah often tries to be but cannot resist temptation is the form of Chicken Spot and quiche. Nonetheless, he is a likeable kid in school, doing everything from being on the College council, having lunch with the Dean ALL THE TIME, and he will be the chair of LUC’s own FortuneTV next year. (Ps. Join FortuneTV! We have a super fun crew and you will learn practical skills/get to run a facebook live stream.) Furthermore, Tessa has recently been elected to be FORTUNA’s (our student association that you’ll all be part and pay 50 euros for lol) own secretary. Tessa also has AMAZING organisational skill since she helped prepare LUC’s very own winter gala.

Noah is a funny, at times even smart, sweet person who will do his best to make your time during Introweek amazing. He make everything a good time, often without his shirt (that’s what happens when he gets drunk and he’s a lightweight). (Ps. This is moker true.) Tessa is the kind of person who goes like: “Ugh, I didn’t do the readings lol,” and then still gets an A. But, despite that, she is a very caring, sweet and studious person. When we went hitchhiking together she was the person who made sure I did not die so I really appreciate that. (Ps. Go hitchhiking with LUC next spring break! Tessa will hopefully be on the board and it’s gonna be SO FUN.)

Well, I think we’ve written a bit too much now and given too many shameless self promo’s but lol. We can’t wait to see you guys soon, enjoy the rest of your vacation and grind those grades! (Also enjoy the sun because there is none here oops.)


Tessa and Noah

What up, We’re Bhakti and Pia, and we never fudging learned how to write introductions. So here we go!

If you are wondering who these weird girls, jamming to Disney music and getting wrecked by the Dutch weather are, here are some Instructions to getting to know Bhakti and Pia 1.0:

  1. We hate each other. And yes, we don’t get along
  2. We support Werewolf Wednesdays and Ice Cream Fridays
  3. Always down to ride around in the cart in the corridors
  4. We can help you curate your dream room (trust me, if shared rooms can be curated so can yours!)
  5. We are super excited for you to meet you all and introduce you to this wonderful city that will soon be your home away from home!

Another good thing to know about us is that we became friends through sharing a room on Floor 11. AND THEY WERE ROOMMATES? Yep. Also, Bhakti is from India and Pia from Germany (as one may deduct from our sign). But we also lived abroad (as one may deduct from our sign, seriously that sign says a lot about us…)!

If you are wondering how our Intro week was last year, take a look: Pia anxious most of the time and Bhakti anxiously waiting for her visa to be approved. Fun times! (A reason why we want yours to be the best it can be!)

Can’t wait to meet you all soon!!!

Disclaimer: We did not become mentors, so Bhakti could actually experience her Intro Week. We became mentors to make sure you have the best time ever and feel welcome at LUC!

Hola Class of 2022!

Are you ready to take part in one of the most memorable experiences at LUC and join a whole new world?  Well if you’re the chosen one, you will have the chance to share Intro week with us!

We are Nandini and Sara and we are originally from India and Spain. Sara is going major in GED next year and also be the Treasurer of Fortuna( ps. I might buy you a few drinks if you are nice to me cause I’ve got all the moneyyyyyy).Nandini will be majoring in World Politics (best major) and will be CAO of Fortuna since she cant add 7 and 9 together.

Nandini likes to think that because she plays danza kudoro on repeat all day and can say two words in spanish; si and chupito, she’s half Spanish...but she’s really not. Sara starts singing like she is in Eurovision everytime someone plays ABBA since their songs are the only ones she knows the words to. (PS; we’re dangerous when we sing together) Sara also has been using Nandini as her personal calendar and phone keeper since day 1 because she spends 60% of her time in her own world. On the other hand, Sara keeps track of Nandini’s fries and chupito consumption to make sure she doesn’t turn into a potato (her favorite food). So you can see how we complete each other.

But don’t worry we’ve got our shit together and we will make intro week an unforgettable experience for all of you.

We can’t wait to meet you all but for now just enjoy summer and get ready to have the time of your life i.e. Chupito time!

5 points to those who identify a total of 5 movie references in this text and our poster in the photo! Mischief managed.


We are Sol & Sofía,


Sol is half Dutch half Spanish and has lived in the tiny beautiful city of Toledo most of her life and Sofia is half Venezuelan half Spanish but lived in India for a few years. We are very excited to meet the fortunate people in our mentor group and make the most of the week!

We are sure our mentor group will be the funniest, the coolest and the most ‘bailongo’ (and if you are our size, we will also be the tiniest)!

Be prepared for amazing dance moves, a lot of reggaeton (sorry for that) and the worst jokes ever (-How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh?: -Ten-tacles : ‘ten tickles’ hehe). We cannot wait to meet you Class of 2022! Good luck with your final exams and enjoy your summer! Besoooooos

Sol & Sofía

Hello lovely people!   

We are Valentijn and Hester and we will be the mentors to group 15. We can’t wait to meet you guys in June! We’re excited to make this intro week a great one and we’ll be sure to pass on a chill vibe to the group. We’ve been friends for years now, so we’ll provide plenty of old-fashioned Dutch gezelligheid.

You can find us drinking tea together most nights while listening to our favorite music (Hozier, Sticky Fingers, and basically everything that is indie/rap/alternative/generally weird)

If you are part of our mentor group you will be faced with Valentijns worst (and inappropriate) jokes and Hesters most obscure music facts. We are not really good at dancing and singing (or stuff in general), but we do it a lot anyway and we hope you will too!!

See you guys at pre union day or moving day!


Heyy everyone!

We are Daniel and Mik, mentor team number 16. Daniel is from the sunny and beautiful Canary Islands, but he is also German and has a Swedish heart in him. If you enjoy random, be ready to have some fun! (how cringy is that?)

Mik is from the “gezellige” and crazy Amsterdam. If you enjoy martial arts, be ready for some bootcamping with Mik. We have a bunch of different interests, so no worries if you feel that you’re not going to fit in; Mik and Daniel are the most different people in the world (how did we end up together again?)

We will be your momma & dadda for this year’s Introduction Week, and we are just as excited as you guys are to make you part of LUC!

See you in August <3

GOODMORNING class of 2022!

We are Julia and Manon, the Head Mentors for your introduction week! We are from New Zealand and Zeeland respectively. Manon is truly Dutch, by being tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Julia is true to her Kiwi home, as a short hobbit from the shire. We loved being mentors so much last year, which made us super excited for the opportunity to participate in such an amazing week once again!

We are opposites and yet exactly the same. We originally bonded over our mutual love of Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Grey’s Anatomy and Disney. Basically, we both love binge watching series! Julia is super enthusiastic and loves all team building activities. Manon is here to keep her in check, as well as always being there to have a chill chat or a hug if you need. As Head Mentors, we will not have our own mentor group. Instead, we will support all the mentors and be there for anyone or anything else.

We look forward to meeting you and feel free to contact us anytime before or during introduction week! I hope you guys are excited, because you are going to have an amazing time!

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