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DUWO is LUC's housing partner. They will be in charge of your housing contracts and studio apartments. You can find important information below regarding moving in and contracts.

The Studio Apartments

All studio apartments come fully furnished and with the basic necessities. You can see more additional information regarding these studios and what they contain here.

Please note that you will not have access to your studio apartment until the moving-in day assigned to you between August 20-21. If you are planning on shipping or sending any personal belongings, please make sure to have these arrive only after you have access to your apartment, as LUC does not accept any packages or deliveries, and will not be responsible for these.

What does an empty room look like?

Rooms will also come with a new bedding package


You can find more information on what you can expect from your room here

DUWO is offering an optional Kitchen Package which you can pre-order. You can do so when filling out the Incoming Student Survey.

The DUWO package contains the following and has a cost of €32,50. If you select yes in the survey, you will be contacted with an additional link to pay this before your check-in date. If you select yes, and do not submit a payment before your check-in date, the package will not be available for pick-up on your arrival date. 

  • Pan stainless steel 2L
  • Wok pan Ø 240 mm1 granite
  • Crockery: a plate and deep plate, breakfast / soup bowl (24.0, 21.17.0), water glass 27 cl.
  • Kitchen utensils: carving knife, serving spoon, peeler, spatula (wood), cutting board (340 * 240 / plastic), corkscrew, 2 coasters (cork, 195 mm1 Ø)
  • Amefa Amsterdam cutlery: fork, knife, spoon
  • Mop without handle
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Cleaning agent for induction plate 250 ml
  • Scouring pads, cleaning wipes and sponge
  • Dishwashing liquid and all-purpose cleaner 2x250 ml
  • Window puller shower
  • DUWO cup
  • 2 sachets of coffee (black and cappuccino)
  • 5 teabags assorted
  • 5 sachets of sugar sticks and 5 sachets of powdered milk sticks
  • Spices: a “spice mill” with salt, pepper, etc.
  • Olive oil / vinegar 50/100 ml
  • Plastic container 600 * 400 * 270,  36L

What you need to know before moving in

  1. Throughout the months of July and August, all new students will receive more information
    regarding their studio apartment and their moving in day. This information will include the housing
    contract, future address, the exact amount of rent and how to pay rent.
  2. DUWO will inform you on how to arrange and pay your contract online. LUC will inform you of your time and day for moving in.

In July or August, DUWO will contact you regarding your housing contract. All of this will be arranged online, so make sure you have internet access around this time.
You will have to pay online for your contract costs and first rental payment (from August until September). Contracts need to be signed and paid before your check-in date, otherwise you will not be allowed to move into you studio apartment.

Please note that international money transfers take some time to arrive, so we advise you to finalise your contract online before the middle of August.

It is possible to apply for rent subsidy on this website. When you apply for the rent subsidy, you will need to fill in certain costs, those are listed below. Please note: the forms are only available in Dutch. You can apply for the rent subsidy only after you have registered at the municipality and obtained a BSN.  

  • Kale huur: 441,45 (rent without bills) 
  • Energiekosten gemeenschappelijke ruimten: 2,50 (energy bills)
  • Schoonmaakkosten gemeenschappelijke ruimten: 8,00 (cleaning costs common spaces)
  • Kosten huismeester: 3,53 (caretaker costs) 
  • Huur standplaats woonwagen: 0,00 (rent caravan place)
  • Kosten dienst- en recreatieruimten: 0,00 (costs service and recreation areas)

When you live in AvB, you have to pay taxes to the government. “Waterschapsbeslastingen" and Municipal taxes add up to approximately €500 per year. It is possible to apply for tax waivers, which means that you will get some money back from the taxes you paid. Whether you are eligible for the tax waivers depends on your personal situation. On this website, you can check your eligibility

If you have received a conditional offer, you will still be required to sign the contract and pay for the costs stated. Students who do not meet the admissions requirements by August 20, may have their offers withdrawn by the admissions office. If this does happen, your rent and contract costs will be paid back to you.

Students who decide to withdraw from attending LUC before moving day but after signing the contract will have to bear the contract costs, but will receive back their rent payment.

If you choose to withdraw from LUC or your offer is withdrawn from the admissions office you will not be allowed to live in the building. LUC housing is only available for students who are registered at LUC.

We strongly advise all students who are obtaining their (International) A-levels or Irish Leaving Certificate to remain in their country of residence until they receive the final results. Please inform the Admissions Office as soon as possible whether you meet the Admission requirements after the results are published. You can then arrange your travel to The Hague and inform the LUC housing office when you will be arriving. The LUC housing office will ensure that the keys to your studio apartment are available upon your arrival. In your specific case it is possible to move in at a later date if necessary.

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