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This is an Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility project of Leiden University Medical Center with the Siberian State Medical University.

Project details

Leiden University applicant: 

  • Leiden University Medical Centre, project coordinator: Maria Yazdanbakhsh

Partner institution:

  • Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk

Type of mobility:

  • Student and staff exchange

Project duration:


Project summary

This project is intended to enable students from SSMU to visit LUMC to attend courses that are incorporated into the educational programmes offered to international students. In addition, SSMU staff and PhD students will visit LUMC to work with staff and PhD students on innovative approaches for glycomics, metabolomics and immunomics in relation to the institutions shared scientific interests in epidemiological, mechanistic and translational studies in the field of allergic diseases and helminth infections.

One of the main internationalisation priorities mentioned in Leiden University’s strategic plan, is the creation of an international classroom with a diverse international student population, intended to offer students an international study climate in both the bachelor and the master phase.

In line with these goals, LUMC has embarked on effective long-term scientific and educational collaboration with SSMU via mutual activities in international projects and consortia, various EC-funded consortia, and by hosting Russian PhD students, as well as internships for medical students. Since 2014, the two universities have collaborated both scientifically and educationally in order to maximise excellence through internationalisation. These mutual aims are strengthened by joint interests in science and education in the fields of population health, allergy, inflammation and infectious diseases. It is the clear intention of both Leiden University and SSMU to create a more international student body, strengthen the international character of the Universities and to internationalise the learning experience for all students.

The Siberian State Medical University (SSMU) is amongst the top three medical schools in Russia. It is actively aiming to integrate itself into the international scientific and educational community and is encouraging the involvement of international leading scientists into its activities. One of the key factors in providing high quality education, excellence in innovation and medical technological development is close ties with leading Russian and international universities, research institutions and laboratories, for example LUMC.

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