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1st Un/Divided conference

Logo for the Un/Divided Conference

Saturday 30 September • Wijnhaven Building, The Hague

A call to action to explore diversity and promote inclusiveness by and for students and student-inspired people

Diversity and inclusiveness are much debated topics in our society. Even within the university there is a struggle from dealing with diversity and inclusiveness as problem issues, to embracing them as issues of enrichment. Regardless of the perspective, having the skills to effectively deal with these issues remains the challenge.

As much as they appreciate the professional efforts that have been mobilised to address diversity and inclusiveness in our universities, a group of interested students, representing several Dutch universities, thought it was prudent to organise an event where the total agenda was set and organised by students. Therefore, on 30 September 2017, the first Un/Divided conference is organised.

We invite students and student-inspired people to actively engage these issues and join us in this conference to exchange ideas and develop a plan of action.

Dr. Sinan Çankaya (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) will deliver an insipring keynote speech on Micro Revolutions.

Call for proposals and early bird registration are now open!

General knowledge enrichment

There are many of us who have a lot of questions but are afraid to ask.  We want to create an event where not only information is freely available, but where there is an atmosphere where you can freely ask and engage in conversation.

Engage and go deeper in a safe environment

We want to create engagement about issues of intersectionality and also give specific groups the room and opportunity to address in-group issues among themselves.  This might seem exclusionary, but sometimes we must give each other private recovery room before entering the larger conversation.

Skill building

'I want to, but don’t know what to do' is a common expression heard within the realms of intercultural engagement.  How do you address exclusionary practices, even when they are not specifically aimed at you?  How do you become a true ally?  How do you stay focused on positive change in the face of rejection?

Coalition building

How can we join forces and support each other in the work that is to be done on our campus communities?  We want to create a platform so we can continue to work together even after this conference.  What are the issues we want to address, and how can we help each other?

Safe and supportive spaces

We want to offer spaces where people can retreat and reflect.  They can choose to talk or be silent, without being judged. We know that engaging diversity and inclusions is not a mere intellectual activity, it is often emotional and painful as well. 

Creative spaces

The arts bring us together and also serve a healing purpose.  Where words fall short, the arts provide refuge.  We will  create spaces for reflection and creative artistic outlets.  We also have room for performing artists to contribute throughout the day.

Knowledge sharing

We will have an information market where student organisations and community organisations can share and exchange information. We will also provide limited room for commercial stands where people can advertise professional services and wares.

Creation of an activity platform

This conference is the start of an action initiative. Students have committed to hosting future conferences at other universities. Furthermore, we want to create a platform where students can connect and work together on various initiatives across campuses.

There are several ways in which you can participate in the Un/Divided conference.

Deadline for registration is 23 September. 

Register as a student participant

Please use the registration form for students.

Conference fee for students


Register as a professional participant

 Please use the registration form for professionals.

Conference fee for professionals

Starters, Young professionals (up to 5 years after graduation)
5 euros

25 euros

Non-student presenters

Sign up to volunteer

Student volunteers may participate in the conference for free. When you sign up to volunteer you will be assigned to the nearest student representative who will be in charge in coordinating volunteers from their area.

  • Volunteer for logistic support
  • Be a care support worker
    We need care support volunteers preferably with a background in psychology, social work, or other care related profession to serve as available support staff and "listening ears". You will receive some specific training in preparation of the conference.
  • Do an artistic presentation
    We are looking for singers, spoken word artists with a performance of maximum 10 minutes.
  • Display your information at the market place
    Student organisations and non-profit community organisations may display for free.
  • Sponsor a student. As an individual or an organisation you can sponsor a student. Please contact the organisation at studentsundivided@gmail.com for information on the possibilities. 
  • We have limited spaces for commercial sponsorships.  Commercial sponsorship will be possible through a gold, silver, or bronze tier. Each tier has its own level of associated benefits.  A large percentage of the collected funds will be used to fund future student initiatives. Please contact the organisation at studentsundivided@gmail.com for information on the possibilities.

Registration conditions Events Office Leiden University

We are looking for engaging presentations in various formats, regarding the different themes to be discussed in the conference. The overall aim of the conference is to engage, exchange, and get involved. We encourage all presenters to include an element of audience engagement with their presentation material. Proposals should address one of the the following tiers/thematic areas:

Tier 1: Each One Teach One: General Information

During this session attendees will be able to receive answers to the things they always wanted to know about diversity and inclusiveness. This tier is also designed to broaden our basic information base. This tier allows for 20 minute presentations, or for a longer 45 minute session.

Tier 2: Explore and Expand: Going deeper

Sessions in this tier are dedicated to deeper exploration of diversity and/or inclusiveness related themes, for instance  the intersectionality of multiple issues. This tier also allows for special safe or private sessions that allow people of a particular group to explore an in-group issue. These sessions are scheduled to take the full 45 minutes.

Tier 3: What to Do: Skill building

Sessions in this tier will offer tools, insights and/or training in specific skills that will help people deal with diversity issues. Presenters are encouraged to offer engaging workshops and to provide some time to allow participants to process what they have learned. These sessions are scheduled to take the full 45 minutes.

Tier 4: Let’s Get to Work: Action formation to transform our communities

During this tier sessions will be dedicated to allow participants to come together to device plans of action. People will be able to sign up for action sessions during the course of the day, or presenters can offer sessions and invite participants beforehand. Have you seen or heard people throughout the course of the day that you would like to talk with to build a coalition or create other forms of mutual support? Invite them during the sign up period. Is there a specific group of people you would like to invite, like policy makers, or community members with a particular asset? Organise a special session and invite them to participate. These sessions are scheduled to take the full 45 minutes.

Proposal submission guidelines

  • Proposals can be submitted via e-mail, at studentsundivided@gmail.com
  • Proposals must be submitted by 28 July 2017.
  • Proposals must be designed to be either half a session (20 to 22 minutes), or a full session of 45 minutes. Each session is expected to have time built in for reflection. If the presenter does not feel comfortable leading the discussion, a facilitator can be assigned.

The proposal should adhere to these guidelines

  • A title with a maximum of 25 words
  • Track selection:  Please indicate which of the four thematic areas outlined you will be presenting under.
  • Type of presentation (workshop, presentation, dialogue, etc.)
  • Presenter(s) and affiliation:  First name, last name, institutional or community affiliation
  • Position/personal profile:  Include a description of the capacity in which you would like to be affiliated with this conference, i.e. student, community worker, university policy worker, etc.
  • Abstract text:  A text that describes your session and that could be listed in the program. The abstract should have a maximum of 300 words.
  • Indicate language(s) of presentation

Terms and Conditions

  • Sessions can be offered in Dutch, English, or both languages
  • All proposals must relate to the conference themes
  • All presenters must register for the conference within two weeks of notice of acceptance using the online form. There is a (reduced) conference fee for speakers
  • It is the responsibility of the presenters to ensure they have the rights of use for all content and logos/images
  • Presentations must be non-commercial

If you want to sponsor students or be a commercial sponsor, please contact us for more information at studentsundivided@gmail.com.

The conference is organised by a coalition of university students representing Leiden University, University Utrecht, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, University of Color Group, Erasmus University, Technical University Delft, Radboud University Nijmegen and The Hague University of Applied Sciences

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