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Social safety

Read what Leiden University does to create social safety and a safe working environment and who you can approach if you are experiencing problems with that.

Confidential counsellors and Ombuds Officer

Complaints procedure

Information about lodging an objection, filing a complaint and the Arbitration Committee.


Accessibility is one of the priorities of our D&I policy. It is not only about physical accessibility of the university buildings, but also digital accessibility. Are you a student with a disability? Fenestra Disability Centre offers help and support. Staff members with a disability can go to their supervisor, Human Resources advisor and the university HR coaches (coacheshealthyuniversity@bb.leidenuniv.nl or 071 527 3193).

Sexual harassment

Leiden University aims to ensure a safe learning and working environment. Sexual harassment has no place in our university community. Read more about it in the Sexual harassment brochure. If you want to report sexual harassment, you can do so with the student psychologists (psychologen@sea.leidenuniv.nl) and the confidential counselors (vertrouwenspersoon@bb.leidenuniv.nl.

Gender identity and pronouns

​​​​​​Leiden University is committed to becoming an inclusive community and respects the diversity of gender identities of staff, students and visitors. Our pronouns brochure provides information on the use of pronouns and why it is important to pay attention to pronoun use in everyday interaction. The Toolkit onnodige sekseregistratie (Toolkit unnecessary gender registration, in Dutch) from the Atria institute is a helpful tool to check whether registering gender is really necessary and how you can ensure to be inclusive of a diversity of gender identities.

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