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About us

SAFE coordinators oversee the activities that the platform facilitates.

You can contact us via our individual emails or collectively at SAFE_BSK@fgga.leidenuniv.nl should you have questions or comments about the SAFE platform, are interested in starting your own activities or are seeking support or collaboration.


The broad base of support across the entire Institute is a key part of making SAFE happen. The role of ambassador was created to ensure that there were intermediaries between the Institute, SAFE coordinators, and broader networks.

Ambassadors commit to integrating diversity and inclusion in their daily work practices, as well as keep equity and inclusion on the agenda within their broader networks and within the Institute as necessary. They also have a signaling function. In case they become aware of issues or concerns faced by a colleague, they can signal this to SAFE, anonymously if appropriate, in bi-annual meetings. Lastly, SAFE ambassadors help to reinforce a more informal support system for colleagues at the Institute, whether it’s through a quick check-in to chat about a topic (in)directly related to SAFE, or offering some help gauging a situation that touches on equity in the institute.

Current ambassadors are:

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