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Coronavirus updates

This page is updated regularly; the latest update is at the top.

Business trips abroad allowed under certain conditions from 1 June
The Executive Board has decided that, under certain conditions, business trips abroad will be allowed as of 1 June. If you would like to make a business trip abroad, you will first need written permission. Please apply for this at least eight weeks in advance. Whether your trip is essential and should be made at this particular time will be carefully assessed. The new procedure applies to all business trips abroad from 1 June. For more information see the announcement on the staff website.

Continue working at home
Despite some restrictions being lifted, we still need to remain cautious. Anyone who doesn’t need to be at the university should therefore continue to work at home. You are allowed to come to the university to join your internal team    (so without guests from outside the university) for training and development. This is on the understanding that you do not have any symptoms and that you will follow the rules as listed in our campus protocol. The maximum capacity of a room can be found on the door.

More options for sport at the University Sports Centre (USC) from 5 June
From 5 June the government hopes to relax some of the restrictions on sport. This will include allowing group sports once again without the need for 1.5m distancing. Sports canteens, changing rooms and showers will also be open once again. For more information see the USC website.

Hortus fully open from 5 June
The Hortus botanicus will be fully open from 5 June, which means the indoor areas, such as the tropical glasshouses. You will need to book tickets in advance on the website.

Faculty Club open from 7 June, seating in cafés
The Faculty Club in the Academy Building (Rapenburg 73, Leiden) will reopen on 7 June, from 08:00 to 22:00. The rules for hospitality venues (in Dutch) will apply here. The university cafés will have the same opening hours as now (see this list). Seating areas will be created from this date. The university restaurants will stay closed for the present.

Students may, under certain conditions, once again travel abroad for study-related activities. The Executive Board reached this decision on 11 May. This relaxation of the coronavirus measures applies for those countries that are coded green or yellow. Travel is not permitted to countries coded red; travel to countries coded orange is also not allowed, unless there are exceptional reasons. For more information, see the announcement.

From 1 June, limited business travel will again be possible. Communication on this is currently being prepared and will follow shortly, before 1 June. 

Bachelor’s to master’s
Students who have fallen behind in their bachelor’s programme because of coronavirus will be able to start certain master’s programmes under certain conditions. The programme will offer one of two options:

  • Option 1: students will be allowed to submit their final bachelor’s assignments and complete their internship in September 2021, if their bachelor’s programme offers this possibility.
  • Option 2: students will be allowed to complete their bachelor’s programme during the 2021/2022 academic year if they meet certain predetermined criteria.

Read more about the measures in this announcement.

Students from universities of applied sciences
There are also leniency regulations for students from universities of applied sciences who have not completed their propaedeuse. Under certain conditions, they may still start a bachelor’s programme at Leiden University. They will need an afrondingsadvies from their own university, a statement saying that they will in all probability have completed their propaedeuse before 1 January 2022. For more information see these FAQs.

Indoor sports and outdoor classes at USC
From Wednesday 19 May, indoor sports and outdoor classes will, under certain conditions, be permitted once again. The University Sports Centre will be open once again for outdoor classes and pre-booked fitness. For more information see the USC website.

Hortus botanicus almost entirely open
From Wednesday 19 May our Hortus botanicus Hortus botanicus will be almost entirely open once again. The tropical glasshouses will remain closed for the present, but the rest of the gardens will be open to the public.

Self-tests will be available for staff and students at Leiden University from 5 May 10.00 hrs via zelftestonderwijs.nl (soon available in English). These tests are being made available by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. We urge our students and staff to make use of these tests when they come to the university;  this will improve safety at the university, not only for yourself but also for your fellow students and colleagues. There are enough tests available so you can in principle take a self-test every time you come to the university. It is the responsibility of students and staff to take self-tests; they are not compulsory. You can find information on how the self-tests work on zelftestonderwijs.nl

When you come to the university, always make sure you first do the corona check. When you are in the buildings, keep to the campus protocol and follow the signs and instructions of our UFB colleagues.  

Please note that the same rules apply to people who have yet been vaccinated. If this will change in the near future, we will let you know through our updates.

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