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All coronavirus updates published in March 2021.

In a press conference on 23 March, the government announced that the lockdown will be extended until 20 April. We had hoped that the current measures for higher education might be eased, but unfortunately the current infection rate does not allow for this. This means that the measures at our university will continue to apply until that date. 

Measures extended until 20 April

The lockdown has been extended, which means that the measures for our students and staff have also been extended until 20 April. Our teaching will therefore continue to be online, and our staff should continue to work from home as much as possible. The situations for which an exception applies can be found in our previous update.

Curfew one hour later from 31 March

As of 31 March the curfew will begin one hour later, at 22.00. Where possible, the opening hours of our buildings will be adjusted accordingly. Check the location pages to find the opening times for your location (e.g. for a study space).

Negative travel advice extended until 15 May

The government’s advice not to travel abroad has been extended until 15 May. We strongly urge our students and staff to heed this advice. In exceptional cases, you can request permission for a business or study trip abroad. See the student and staff websites for the procedure.

Online teaching until 26 April at least, preparations being made for a gradual reopening of the university

In the press conference on 23 March, the government announced that, if the figures permit, higher education will be able to return to the situation before the lockdown in mid-December, with effect from 26 April. The governement also mentioned the possible use of rapid self-tests by students. Whether and if so how these will actually be implemented will become clearer in the coming weeks. These self-tests will not be compulsory and we will not be checking their use. If the university is indeed able to reopen, the current measures will still apply: do the corona check before coming to the university, keep a distance of one and a half metres from other people and wear a face mask when moving around the buildings (see the campus protocol).

Although much is still unclear and it is by no means certain that we will be able to resume on-campus teaching – at least in part – from 26 April, we are happy with this prospect. In the coming weeks, we will be preparing for a return to the university and working out how this can best be implemented.

We are pleased with the prospect of an easing of the measures in higher education after 31 March, as the government described in its last press conference. The government will announce its definitive decision on 23 March. We will then determine what exactly this means for our students and staff.

The government announced on 8 March that it was extending some coronavirus measures and easing others. This means the following for our students and staff:

Curfew extended until 31 March

The curfew has been extended until 04:30 on 31 March. This means that the temporary opening times for our buildings will continue to apply until then. For the current opening times of our buildings, please see the locations page.

Restrictions eased on outdoor sport

A few weeks ago, the restrictions on outdoor sport were eased for anyone up to the age of 26. In its press conference on March 8, the government also eased the restrictions for people aged 27 and above. From March 16, they will be able to do outdoor sports in groups of up to four, provided they maintain a distance of 1.5 metres; this is at sports venues only. Competitions are still prohibited, but they will be able to play with their own team at their own club. This will mean more options for team sports at the University Sports Centre and student sport associations. For more information see the USC website.

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