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All coronavirus updates published in June 2021.

The Dutch government announced on 18 June that it will be further easing its Covid restrictions as of 26 June. This will give our students and staff more opportunities to work, study and meet up on campus. However, the 1.5m social distancing rule will still apply on campus, and it will also apply to people who have already been vaccinated. The Campus Protocol will also remain in force: stay at home if you have symptoms, always do the Corona Check before coming to the campus and follow the basic rules.

The main changes and measures for Leiden University are:

  • We will be able to come into work once again – the advice to work at home where possible will no longer apply from 26 June.  
  • The 1.5m distancing rule will continue to apply in our buildings. This means that we won’t all be able to come into work at the same time but will have to stick to the maximum occupancy per room. Discuss what this means for you with your manager.  
  • The safety measures in the buildings, such as walking routes, using lifts and right of way on stairs, will also remain in place.
  • Face masks will no longer be compulsory as of 26 June. Anyone who wishes to wear a face mask may, of course, continue to wear one.
  • Some of the university catering services will reopen. The restaurants will remain closed during the summer months (regular closure) but the cafés will be open. As long as you practise 1.5m distancing, you will be able to eat and drink inside.
  • Inaugural lectures and PhD defences will be able to go ahead once again, but 1.5m distancing will be compulsory. Until the summer holiday inaugural lectures with a maximum of 50 people and PhD ceremonies with a maximum of 10 guests of the PhD candidate will be permitted. From the new academic year, these restrictions will be lifted, and inaugural lectures and PhD ceremonies will be able to be held according to the Covid regulations that apply at that time. 
  • Students will still need to book a study space in the coming period, through the SharedDesk booking system. 
  • Events or activities can be held from 26 June, also with external guests, but 1.5m distancing is compulsory and you will need to take room limitations into account. 

Students: for further details about your teaching, watch out for announcements from your degree programme and faculty. 

Start of the new academic year – on-campus teaching

We are preparing to provide (all) our teaching on campus from the start of the new academic year, so without any restrictions. This is great news for our students and lecturers. This means that we can assume that all our teaching will be in person and on campus, and that our students and lecturers can meet in real life once again. The timetables for this are being prepared now and will be available soon. You will receive more details from your faculty or degree programme. Safety will of course continue to be a prime concern. The degree programmes will offer alternative teaching for students who have to quarantine or are unable to participate in our on-campus teaching because of travel restrictions. This hybrid teaching will differ per degree programme. The degree programmes will inform their students about what form this will take. 

The current easing is also good news for our introduction weeks (EL CID, HOP and OWL): their programmes are based on a mixture of online and in-person activities and can in all probability go ahead. Obviously this is all subject to the government measures in the coming months.

We’re working hard to prepare for the new academic year. As we already announced we’re assuming that all our teaching will once again be on campus by then (see our update from 15 April and this page for new students). On Wednesday 16 June the University Council approved our plans for our teaching, which are based on the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science’s ‘basic scenario’ (in Dutch).

However, a press conference has been scheduled for Friday 18 June, and the government may announce a further easing of the restrictions. This could make the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science’s ‘optimal scenario’ (in Dutch) possible. This would be great news for our students and staff. We will spend the week of 21 June discussing with our faculties how to translate the outcome of the press conference – and perhaps this new scenario – to our university. More information will follow as soon as possible.

The government may also announce that other guidance will change as of 26 June, on working at home, for instance. We will provide more information on this next week too.  

Business trips abroad allowed under certain conditions from 1 June
The Executive Board has decided that, under certain conditions, business trips abroad will be allowed as of 1 June. If you would like to make a business trip abroad, you will first need written permission. Please apply for this at least eight weeks in advance. Whether your trip is essential and should be made at this particular time will be carefully assessed. The new procedure applies to all business trips abroad from 1 June. For more information see the announcement on the staff website.

Continue working at home
Despite some restrictions being lifted, we still need to remain cautious. Anyone who doesn’t need to be at the university should therefore continue to work at home. You are allowed to come to the university to join your internal team    (so without guests from outside the university) for training and development. This is on the understanding that you do not have any symptoms and that you will follow the rules as listed in our campus protocol. The maximum capacity of a room can be found on the door.

More options for sport at the University Sports Centre (USC) from 5 June
From 5 June the government hopes to relax some of the restrictions on sport. This will include allowing group sports once again without the need for 1.5m distancing. Sports canteens, changing rooms and showers will also be open once again. For more information see the USC website.

Hortus fully open from 5 June
The Hortus botanicus will be fully open from 5 June, which means the indoor areas, such as the tropical glasshouses. You will need to book tickets in advance on the website.

Faculty Club open from 7 June, seating in cafés
The Faculty Club in the Academy Building (Rapenburg 73, Leiden) will reopen on 7 June, from 08:00 to 22:00. The rules for hospitality venues (in Dutch) will apply here. The university cafés will have the same opening hours as now (see this list). Seating areas will be created from this date. The university restaurants will stay closed for the present.

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