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All coronavirus updates published in September 2020.

Update 29 September: Corona measures tightened; continue working from home

With the number of corona cases rising throughout the country, the government has announced stronger measures to protect our health. The rule is therefore: work from home unless you have no other choice.

Lab or library research continue to be possible. Our on-campus teaching will also continue within the scope of the existing rules and safety regulations. This means that students can come to the campus for scheduled teaching or if they’ve booked a study space, and lecturers can come to teach or record or stream their teaching. It also means that business-critical processes will continue in our buildings (e.g. the work of janitors and security staff). 

If these exceptions do not apply to you: work or study from home! For more information on the tightened rules, see this announcement.

Update 17 september: Coming to the University? Do the corona check first!

Do the corona check before you come to study or work at the University. Answer the five questions on the checklist to see whether you can come. Stay at home if the check tells you to. This is to protect the health of students and staff and ensure the University can stay open.

If the checklist indicates that you are allowed to come to the University, always keep 1.5 metres away from others and avoid busy places, in the buildings too. Also follow the instructions on the signs and stickers and from our staff, and read the Campus Protocol thoroughly.

More information for staff
More information for students

Update 4 September: What to do if you contract the coronavirus, Campus Protocol updated

New version of Campus Protocol online

The academic year has now started and we are able to welcome many of our students and lecturers back in our university buildings. As more people are coming to the university, we will also have to deal with virus infections among our students and staff. Understandably, this raises some concerns and questions within our organisation, including what to do in the event of an infection. The Campus Protocol has therefore been updated to include this information; a new version of the protocol is now available.

What should you do if you contract the coronavirus?

If you test positive for coronavirus, we ask you kindly to report this to us. Students can inform their study adviser and staff can inform their manager. Together – students and staff – we are a community where we have close contact with one another. It is in the best interests of everyone’s health and safety to know if there are clusters of infections – whether these are confirmed or threatened.  This is why we are asking you to let us know if you test positive for coronavirus.

There is no obligation to report infections. They are not recorded and there is no database where information on infections is kept. The information on infections will only be passed on to our Security Department, and always in anonymous form, so that if necessary we can discuss with the Municipal Health Authority (GGD) any additional measures that may be needed. A logical consequence of this is that we will not publish on our website any overview of infections, nor will we communicate about infections in any other way throughout the university.

If everyone keeps to the Campus Protocol - that is: don’t come to the university if you have any symptoms or if you have returned from a country with a red or orange travel advisory, keep a distance of 1.5 m between people, and wash your hands regularly -  the risk of infection is low. Together, we will make sure the university remains a safe and healthy workplace for our fellow students and colleagues, and at the same time we will play our part in fighting coronavirus. 

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