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All coronavirus updates published in November 2020.

What shape will our teaching take in the second semester?
Much remains uncertain, but it is expected that the current measures will continue to apply in February. We are doing all we can to ensure that all our teaching can continue. In semester two it will also be largely online and partly on campus. Our timetabling will be based on the following:

  • we will maintain the quality of our teaching
  • lecturers and staff will help students as much as possible and will be aware of how important personal contact is to students.
  • we will keep an eye our lecturers' and other employees' workload. 

Within this framework, we will try to receive all students on campus at least once a week. Read more about this via teaching on campus and online.

In the press conference on Tuesday November 17, the government announced that the additional measures introduced two weeks ago will end on Thursday 19 November. This means that from Thursday on, the University Sports Centre (USC) will resume its group classes, and the Hortus botanicus will be open for visiting once more. Read more in the following announcements:


Teaching in the second semester
What shape will the teaching at Leiden University take in the second semester? On 11 November, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science issued guidelines on higher education in the second semester of this academic year, which begins in February 2021. For the time being, the teaching is expected to continue in its current form: hybrid, so on campus where possible and otherwise online. 

The BSA will be issued as usual. This is because the teaching has continued to be offered to first and second years, be it on campus or online. These students are therefore not expected to fall behind in their studies as a result of coronavirus. We will continue to monitor this closely and will take action if necessary. If problems do arise with specific degree programmes, exceptions can be made. If the University decides to make such an exception, the affected students will be informed by 1 February 2021.

The University is looking at how to give shape to its teaching in the second semester according to the new Ministry guidelines (in Dutch). You probably have questions about timetables, internships and electives. Given the changing circumstances, we will try in the coming weeks to provide as much clarity as possible. 

The government announced stricter measures on 3 November, which mean the Hortus botanicus will be closed for two weeks from 5 November. Events planned for this period, such as the Sunday Walk, have been cancelled. The Hortus shop will remain open, and the Hortus café will continue to open for takeway. Read more (currently only in Dutch).

From 5 November, there will also be no more group classes at the University Sports Centre for the duration of two weeks. Individual sports or sports in groups of two (at 1.5m distance) will remain possible. Swimming pools will also be closed. Read the details on the USC website.

All of the Leiden University Libraries (UBL) locations will remain open – UBL is an educational institution, which means it is exempt from the measures announced on 3 November. For more information on the UBL’s current suervices, see their website.

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