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Data centre

The current data centre in the Snellius building at the Niels Bohrweg is in need of an upgrade. A bigger and more modern data centre is necessary, which can meet the current requirements. The Real Estate directorate of Leiden University started the development of a new data centre on the same location (in the Snellius building). In order to accommodate all of the necessary installation technology, an installation centre will be built on the south of the Snellius building. Construction is expected to be completed in Q2 of 2023.


  • Tender: Q1 of 2021 (if the results are positive)
  • Construction preparation: Q1/Q2 of 2021
  • Building phase 1: starting summer 2021 - partial completion in June 2022
  • Migration ISSC: July-December 2022
  • Building phase 2:  Q1 of 2023
  • Completion: April 2023
The server space as it is now does not meet the current requirements

Sustainability and biodiversity

The heat surplus generated by the data centre will be used for the central heating system of the Snellius building. After the completion of the data centre, an adjustment of the air system will follow in order to make the installation suitable. On the exterior of the installation centre, bee hotels and nesting boxes will be placed. In this way, the building will contribute to more biodiversity in the area.

See our biodiversity leaflet (note: in Dutch) for more information regarding the importance of biodiversity, and how we want to increase it in Leiden Bio Science Park.


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