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May 2016 
3 May: UKNA Seminar Citizen Initiatives for Urban Heritage Preservation: The Case of Kad Kong Ta Neighborhood, Lampang, Thailand
4 May: Hu Han (Leiden) A Sociolinguistic Study on Rhoticity in Beijing Mandarin
11 May: KITLV Seminar Citizenship before orientalism: Decolonising postcolonial societies
17 May: GLASS Lecture | Diffracted Histories and Colonial Recursions in these Times
17 May: IIAS Lunch Lecture Jaina epistemologists in the debating hall of classical India
18 May: Wang Man (Leiden) Experimental approach to language production of Mandarin Chinese
18 May: GLASS Masterclass | Affective States: The Politics and History of Sentiment
19 May: GLASS Roundtable | Blind Spots: Seeing Race in the 21st Century
19-20 May: New law, new villages: Changing rural Indonesia
23-25 May: Digital Disruption in Asia: Methods and Issues
25 May: Book presentation: Intellectual Networks in Timurid Iran
26-27 May: The Timurid Period: Cultural Production, Exchange and Legacies
26-28 May: IIAS Conference Heritage as Aid and Diplomacy in Asia

April 2016 
1 April: Gravensteen Lecture | Cities of the Settler Revolution: Is Urban Conflict and Segregation in the USA, South Africa, Algeria, and Israel Connected?
6 April: Zou Ting (Leiden) Processing of lexical tones by Dutch learners of Mandarin
14 April: Demographic Transformation of the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh: Causes, consequences and future prospects
15 April: The Emergence of the Himalayas as a Sacred Landscape
20 April: Wu Juan (Leiden) Contact-Induced Grammatical Creations: Through the Lens of Chinese Buddhist Translations
21 April: New Religious Nationalism in Chinese Societies
21 April: KITLV Seminar by Gerry van Klinken, Myanmar: The contentious politics of anti-Muslim scapegoating
22 April: The disputed issue of the origin of noodles
22 April: KITLV/VVI Lezingenmiddag ‘Democratie en ‘rule of law’ in Indonesië en de Nederlandse Cariben: Intenties en praktijk’
22 April: First Sino-Dutch Forum on Cultural Heritage LeidenAsiaCentre

March 2016
2 March: Yang Yang (Leiden) On the syntax – prosody interface of wh-indeterminates in Mandarin
5 March: A Thousand Years of Jars – The Collection of Stoneware Jars in the Princessehof Museum
10 March: Wei-tien Dylan Tsai (Tsing Hua University, Hsin-chu, Taiwan) Analyticity and Operator Binding in Chinese
11 March: Deadline for abstract submission New law, new villages: Changing rural Indonesia
11 March: Cyberbabe, Cybervamp, Consumption Celebrity: Anni Baobei and the Web-based Spectacle of Female Self-Fashioning in Twenty-first Century China
14-16 March: Language, Power and Identity in Asia: Creating and Crossing Language Boundaries
15 March: Film screening Flowers of Freedom
22 March: The Road from Hainan
23 March: Lin Jing (UvA) Non-referentiality in child Mandarin
23 March: Plus ca change, plus ca reste la meme chose? Evaluating change and continuity in Modi's policy towards Israel

February 2016 
5 February: Gravensteen Lecture by Robin Derby (UCLA)
11-12 February 2016: Reading Contemporary India Through the Cinematic Lens
18 February 2016: Encounters after the Soviet collapse: Chinese presence in the former Soviet Union border zone
26 February: AMT-CCK Series Lecture by Professor Dr. Paul Bailey

January 2016 
27 January: Launch LeidenAsiaCentre

December 2015
1 December: Deadline AMT2 Research Funding
1 December: IIAS Lunch Lecture Between Land and Sea: Secessionist Movements and an Indian Ocean Imaginary in Coastal Kenya
7 December: Book launch Rethinking the Triangle: Washington-Beijing-Taipei
8 December: Discussion on nationalism in East Asia with Ian Buruma
10 December 2015 | Special Lecture by Ven. Xuecheng
10 December: ‘Let us live as Hindus’: Temple building processes and the articulation of ‘Hindu hurt’ in Amsterdam Southeast
11 December: Bright colours of life in Kazakhstan
11 December |Gravensteen Lecture | The Story of What Didn't Happen: Global Literature among the Interdisciplines
14-15 December: Cross-border Exchanges and the Shadow Economy
15 December: IIAS Lunch Lecture The Forming of World Subjects: On Promoting Intersubjective Anthropologies Between China and Southeast Asia
16 December: Award Ceremony IIAS National Master's Thesis Prize
17 December 2015| VVIK Indology Lecture on Pāṭaliputra, by Dr. Daniela De Simone

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