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The 444 logo

The idea behind the 444 logo is that Leiden University is the result of the unique contributions that people have made.

Background information

Leiden University owes much to the numerous people who have made their own unique contribution generation after generation. People with an individuality that can be seen in their handwriting. We have given shape to this idea in 44 different logos in which each number 4 is written in a different way.

The 444 preferred logo
This is the preferred logo

Forty-four versions and one preferred version

There are 44 versions of the logo. These can be used for any situation. But we do have a preferred logo, which can be used for any purpose too.


The colour of the logos is orange. Blue, black and white versions are also available for special purposes.

Oranje Blauw
CMYK 0, 80, 95, 0
RGB (233, 78, 27)
Hex #e94e1b
CMYK 100, 75, 0, 35
RGB (0, 17, 88)
Hex #001158
Foto van een tas met het 444-logo in een patroon


Alongside the individual logos, we have patterns that include all 44 versions of the logo. These patterns take preference over individual logos, but only if what they are being used for lends itself to this, for instance if they are being printed on a bag or mug.

In combination with the University logo

If you are combining the 444 logo with the Leiden University logo, make sure there is sufficient space around the two logos. In other words: don’t put them too close together.

444-logo en logo Universiteiti Leiden naast elkaar
Combination of the Leiden University logo and the 444 logo


The logo for the celebration was designed by Clara Lezla, a student at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague. 

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