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From Roomburg in Leiden to Zeeheldenkwartier in The Hague: each neighbourhood has its own activities and traditions. Does your neighbourhood have a particular question that needs answering? Or would it benefit from a particular activity? We can help you put on fun and useful events in your neighbourhood.

From street parties to lectures

How about computer lessons for refugees? Or a cargo bike full of games at your street party? Contact us and we can discuss which activities we can offer in your neighbourhood. Mail your idea or question to 444@leidenuniv.nl

Upcoming activities

Open air theatre in Matilo Park, Leiden
Running through Leiden’s Roomburg neighbourhood is the Limes, the frontier of the Roman Empire. This line now runs under houses and weaves its way through people’s back gardens. In September 2019, the New Utrecht Theatre Group [in Dutch] will be giving a musical performance in Matilo Park about borders in the past, present and future. And during the dinner afterwards, various Leiden researchers will be leading a thought-provoking discussion on the topic of ‘borders.’

More activities to follow.

Activities that have already taken place

Transvaal celebrates International Women’s Day, The Hague
The Mandelaplein Community Centre (in Dutch) held a day of workshops in the Transvaal neighbourhood in The Hague on International Women’s Day. In the evening, local women were invited to a Sheroes’ Dinner, with talks from inspiring female speakers from different backgrounds. Leiden professors Ingrid Tieken and Judi Mesman led a discussion on language diversity in the neighbourhood, and students from Leiden University College The Hague came along to hear all about everyday life in the neighbourhood.

ICM Weekend School diploma ceremony, The Hague
The pupils of IMC Weekend School The Hague and their families came to the University’s Wijnhaven building on Sunday 14 April for their diploma ceremony. Saskia Bruines, alderman for Education, Knowledge Economy and International Affairs at the Municipality of The Hague, was there to present the pupils with their diplomas.

Pop-up college during Zeeheldenfestival

Esther Habers gave a pop-up college [in Dutch] about the biological clock at Zeeheldenfestival in The Hague on 13 July.

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