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Certified Public Manager® Consortium

The National Certified Public Manager® Consortium establishes and preserves standards for the Certified Public Manager® designation by providing and monitoring accreditation standards, facilitating programme development, encouraging innovation and developing linkages with programmes and organisations across the US and internationally. The Consortium is served by a board made up of representatives from each of the member programmes. On behalf of Leiden University, Nikol Hopman, Director of the Centre for Professional Learning, is a member of the Board of the National Certified Public Manager® Consortium.

Certified Public Manager (CPM) is a United States professional designation established in 1979 for the purpose of improving performance and advancing best practice standards for public sector managers.

The CPM-program now runs in the USA in 38 states and has more than 13.500 experienced public managers as its alumni.

In October 2016, the Centre for Professional Learning of Leiden University, The Netherlands is the very first international programme to be granted Active Status and to become a Board member of the National Certified Public Manager® Consortium.

CPM core competences
Certified Public Manager® (CPM) provides an overarching competency framework which guides the CPM learning experience by providing a common language to describe professional best practice, and by establishing the highest possible common standards among participants, graduates and faculty.



Personal and Organizational Integrity

Increasing awareness, building skills and modelling behaviours related to identifying potential ethical problems and conflicts of interest; appropriate workplace behavior; and legal policy

Managing Work

Meeting organisational goals through effective planning, prioritising, organising and aligning human, financial, material, and information resources. Empowering others by delegatingclear job expectations; providing meaningful feedback and coaching; creating a motivational environment and measuring performance. Monitoring workloads and documenting performance. Dealing effectively with performance problems.

Leading People

Inspiring others to positive action through a clear vision; promoting a diverse workforce. Encouraging and facilitating cooperation, pride, trust, and group identity; fostering commitment and team spirit. Articulating vision, ideas, and facts in a clear and organised way; effectively managing emotions and impulses.

Developing Self

Demonstrating commitment to continuous learning, self-awareness, and individual performance planning through feedback, study, and analysis.

Systemic Integration

Approaching planning, decision making, and implementation from an enterprise perspective; understanding internal and external relationships that impact the organization.

Public Service Focus

Delivering superior services to the public and internal and external recipients; including customer/client identification expectations, needs, and developing and implementing paradigms, processes, and procedures that exude a positive spirit; demonstrating agency and personal commitment to quality.

Change Leadership

Acting as a change agent; initiating and supporting change within the organisation by implementing strategies to help others adapt to changes in the work environment, including personal reactions to change; emphasizing and fostering creativity and innovation; being proactive.

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