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About the benefits

Participation in the programme brings tangible benefits - participants deepen their understanding of management and leadership processes in the face of shifting and complex European challenges.

  • The Certified Public Manager® Program is designed for experienced mid-career managers - rising leaders currently in positions which pose significant and boundary-crossing management and leadership challenges;
  • To give you the skills, insights and tools to understand and to address complex competing demands, and to act responsibly and effective in the face of uncertainty;
  • You will work and learn in small groups, engaging with complex cases, inquiring into concrete, real-life problems outside the classroom, making real progress at work with management and leadership problems;
  • You will be introduced to the latest research and ideas by leading academics and practitioners from Europe and from the US;
  • You will become a better leader by learning to pause, inquire, reflect and move forward with the support and challenge of learning peers from different European contexts;
  • You will become part of a growing community of experienced and ambitious public managers in USA and around Europe;
  • And you will grow as a manager and as a person – collaborating with colleagues with deep experience, a strong passion for public service and an eye on what is needed for the future.
  • This is a programme which focuses on organisational improvement and career enhancement;
  • It integrates reflection, structured inquiry, theory and contextual understanding, moving from ideas into grounded, real work tasks;
  • Participants work in small groups which make the best of the diversity of the cohort and which put inclusive and collective leadership to work; employees bring their classroom energy and learning back to the office;
  • Participants share insights, obstacles and solutions, sharing experiences and learning to think and act in a different, more purposeful way; to champion a capstone project improves effectiveness, efficiency and can save money;
  • Pressing departmental, institutional, national and trans-European challenges shape the curriculum and are interwoven with latest research and thinking about future public management and leadership;
  • It can support in succession planning to fill upcoming vacancies.
  • Participating in the venture can boost international collaboration and profile;
  • Strengthen networks in the EU and USA;
  • Become the start of a CPM stream of work and income that partners are free to develop nationally;
  • Reinvigorate current programmes through the exchange of teaching staff, ideas and learning resources;
  • Provide an opportunity to shape and contribute to the content of a module (select and prepare cases, develop skills training, host and develop, organise a module and so on);
  • Facilitate recognition and accreditation to convene the Certified Public Manager® Program.
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