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Leiden Certified Public Manager® Program

The Leiden Univeristy Centre for Professional Learning has acquired the exclusive license in Europe 2018 from the American Certified Public Manager® Program. This program is carried out in cooperation with partners in Europe. The language of instruction of this program is English.

‘From my own experience, I can tell: public leadership matters, really makes the difference. Therefore it is vital to invest in leadership development. Especially now, in these times of uncertainty and global challenges. With the Leiden Certified Public Manager Program we offer a new approach, based on a proven US concept, unique in a European context.’ (Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, former Secretary General NATO and Ambassador Leiden CPM Program at Leiden University)

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What is it about?

The Certified Public Manager® is an internationally recognised public management qualification, which develops your leadership skills and your career; and exposes you to the latest concepts, models and research, connecting you to a professional network of over 13.500 CPM alumni in the USA and a growing community of public managers in Europe.

The USA National Certified Public Manager® Consortium is a confederation of organisations offering Certified Public Manager®programs bonded together by the desire to improve the productivity of government in the United States and abroad at all levels. The purpose of the National Certified Public Manager® Consortium (NCPMC) is to approve and accredit Certified Public Manager® (CPM) programs, promote high standards, facilitate programme development, encourage innovation and develop linkages with programmes and organisations with similar interests. Leiden University’s Centre for Professional Learning is proud to contribute to the NCPMC and fully committed to support the objectives of the NCPMC.

Participation in the Certified Public Manager® Program brings tangible benefits for participants and their organisations. Experienced public managers deepen their understanding of management and leadership in the face of complex European challenges and global change. The programme enhances personal leadership strengths, increases (inter)governmental and international networks, seeds innovative solutions and improves the quality of public service

What is different?
The Leiden Certified Public Manager® Program offers:

  • a proven format of management development and leadership capacity in public service organisations;
  • with a truly integrated public service focus;
  • putting leadership practice across boundaries at the core of the curriculum;

    including a "Capstone Project" that is typically a real world problem faced in the participant's organisation that benefits from a systematic application of the principles and approaches offered in the programme;

  • embedded in a networked community of experienced and ambitious public managers in USA and around Europe.

Why should public managers participate?
This is an opportunity which offers experienced professionals:

  • Recognition. Those who complete the program earn a national trademark designation of CPM (Certified Public Manager®).The internationally recognised title CPM provides access to career opportunities, an active and influential network and the chance to make a difference
  • Progress. Global Challenges require a European and international approach. Many social questions impact on an international scale - questions such as: pollution, energy, migration, security, climate change etc. European networks are key. The CPM program connects colleagues in different EU countries and facilitates cross boundary thinking and acting.
  • Solutions. Problems are becoming more and more complex. We need more and different analytical angles and new approaches to examine interconnected and interrelated problems and explore integrative solutions. Out of the box thinking can be inspired by meeting different governance structures and cultures within Europe.
  • Inclusive Leadership. Society is changing rapidly. Public management increasingly requires leading change. But how? And why? And for whom? Open mindedness and cross cultural awareness is called for.
  • Critical thinking. The course will help structure thinking about a wicked problem further towards workable, concrete and sustainable solutions.
  • Trans-atlantic connections. The American context is a new dimension on all aspects: theory, skills, online learning approaches and networks. The USA-staff will be invited to contribute to the programme with thought provoking classes and innovative skills training.

For whom?

Leiden Certified Public Manager® Program welcomes experienced candidates whose work has a dedicated public service focus. As a participant, you are not looking for just a standard Management Development course, but for inspiration and increasing your impact in a stimulating and innovative cross-national learning environment. The programme addresses challenging leadership and organisational issues and therefore requires substantial managerial experience. Participants are mid-career managers with a public service focus, experienced in terms of seniority and responsibility. To apply for a place on this programme, potential participants should have at least eight years’ post-graduate work experience, four of which with significant managerial responsibilities

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