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Arts and leisure - Photography

Learn how to make top photo's with your smartphone

Sunday June 30, from 13:30-16:30 h

Richard de Wit

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Everyone can take photos with a smartphone. During this workshop you will learn how to make better photos and howe to take full advantage of the  possibilities of your smartphone.
An interactive workshop with a lot of fun!

In a meeting of 3 hours you learn to take better pictures with your smartphone by:

• Gain knowledge about which aspects make the difference between a good and a less good photo;
• Acquire knowledge about basic concepts from photography, such as lighting, perspective
   and composition;
• Practice skills that improve your photos;
• Learn to use the  functions on your smartphone;
• Discuss photo's.

After a short theoretical introduction, we go outside to take pictures and to put the theory into practice.

Take your smartphone with you (iPhone or Android). Make sure your battery is properly charged and that there is enough storage space on your phone. A cable to upload photos to a computer is advusable. Also take a booklet with you to take some notes.

Richard de Wit is a smartphone photographer, training expert, and writer.
He get inspired by things of every day and by the light that makes them different every time.
Since 2014, he regularly publishes his photographs on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/richard.dewit.16
Richard studied public administration at Leiden University.

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