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Online drawing course with Robbert Kiewiet | improve your drawing skills

Mondays from 19:30- 22:00 uur

Robbert Kiewiet

For whom
For beginners and for people with some experience.

Haven't you drawn for a while, and do you want to see if drawing is something for you or do you want to improve your drawing skills?
Then do this fun and educational course!
You will be drawing a lot with basic materials such as pen, pencil and eraser. Both technical and creative aspects of drawing are discussed.
Consider, for example, making a line drawing, working with tone (light / dark) and setting up a composition.

We will also use a number of techniques of the old masters (such as Rembrandt) to make a drawing. (For example working from a shown surface)

We use photos, objects you have and the view from your window or outside/

After this course you will certainly have acquired more skills and make better drawings.

- pencils (Hb, 2b and 6b)
- Ballpoint
- kneading eraser 1 x
- ordinary (hard) eraser 1 x (creta color)
- Drawing paper (minimum A4) or a Dummy A4 format (for sale
   at the Slegte)
- shelf to put paper on
- pegs to clamp paper
- kitchen paper

Tips for buying material (order on time!)
https://www.4artwebwinkel.nl (in Leiden, with pick-up counter)

The lessons are given by visual artist Robbert Kiewiet. Robbert graduated from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht in the direction of autonomous art. Robbert has over 15 years of experience as a teacher. Has taught for 10 years at the Art Academy, was 4 years lecturer at Beelden in Leiden and taught for 5 years painting courses in Spain. In addition, Robbert has been providing painting workshops for companies and groups since 1998.

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