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Arts and leisure - Dance

Urban Contemporary advanced

Tuesday from 19:15-20:30h

Thu Hang Pham

For Whom 
For advanced dancers who are interested in learning Hiphop and Contemporary. Fast, short Hiphop movements combined with soft long Contemporary movements.

In this course we focus on different elements from Hiphop and Contemporary, such as Floorwork, being grounded, musicality, dymanics, flow and lyrical movements as well as fast short movements. We also focus on developing muscle awareness and using the right muscles. During our choreography we're focussing on really embodying the dance and not just dancing it, but really telling a story. Dance is more than just coping movements and the aim in this course is to really embody the choreography.

Thu Hang Pham (1992) has danced with the 5 o'clock class (Theatre School, Amsterdam), Peridance, Capezio Center (New York City and Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Center (Isreal). She has been educated in various styles, but found her big passion within the modern/contemporary dance. In her lessons she focusses on floorwork, being grounded, musicality, dymanics and muscle awareness while dancing.

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