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Inclusive education - reaching all your students (follow up)

Encounter a wide variety of students, all with their own history, personality and challenges.

Target group
Daan Romein  (Educational advisor)
Training course

The training will focus on pedagogy for a diverse student population. During your teaching you will encounter a wide variety of students, all with their own history, personality and challenges.  In order to enable all your students to benefit from your teaching, you will need to deal with these student differences purposefully; But how do you do that? How do you reach all your students?

During this training we will among others discuss these topics: 

  • Awareness of your (implicit) assumptions and associations; 
  • How these assumptions and associations influence your students’ learning; 
  • How to reach all your students; 
  • Knowledge about differentiation in class; 
  • Input from a guest speaker.

A prerequisite for taking part is that you participated in the BKO module Inclusive Education.


This training consists of three meetings.
The programme will be announced.

Learning objectives

At the end of the training the participant is able to:

  • reflect on your expectations towards your students 
  • check assumptions you have 
  • interpret students’ diverse needs 
  • add value to the teaching and learning process 
  • use differentiation techniques to include all students 
  • create a safe learning environment 
  • adjust learning objectives and activities if appropriate


  • €375 for Leiden University and LUMC staff
  • €525 for other participants

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