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Summer Course Connective Leadership in Practice

Connecting is essential. If connecting people and parties is your job, this 3-day course is a must-do! Especially in a time when more and more differences are sought and emphasized, there is a need for a way of working that looks for similarities. A way of working that allows people to experience that people, groups, opinions and politics are always mutually dependent.

Ted Baartmans  (CEO and founder at The Leadership Group) Alette Baartmans  (Learning specialist)
Training course

The Connective Leadership Theory by Jean Lipman Blumen shows how connective leaders bring different people together and that similarities are the foundation of success and good performance.

The programme discusses the application of this thinking and working in more detail. What does Connective Leadership mean for the future of companies and governments at local, regional, national and European level? And what does Connective Leadership mean in your own work?

Your practice is central
Based on an extensive questionnaire, namely: the Connective Leadership Inventory, you are invited to reflect on your own experiences. During the 3-day programme there is a lot of opportunities to bring in concrete issues and to discuss them in groups. We take a close look at current examples of connective leaders from the Netherlands and from Europe. In addition, theory and practice come together.

What can you expect?
Your starting point is a pair of assessments, namely: the Connective Leadership Individual (ASI) and Aspirational individual Inventory (A-ASI), with which you map your current and your desired behavior. What can you do to connect? The assessment provides insights into where you are now and where you would like to go. Based on your results you will individually and in groups work on your personal leadership and how you can improve your leadership. There is also room for individual coaching in the programme. During the 3-day programme, you work on a connecting leadership style. You learn skills that will benefit you for the rest of your life!

What does the program offer you?
- Recognise what behaviour you are currently applying to achieve your goals;
- Learn other behavioral strategies to achieve your goals, and apply them;
- Solve conflicts by understanding the behavior of others and adjusting your own behavior.

The programme costs include: questionnaires, individual assessment, coaching, literature and catering (including lunch). With the participation of several people from 1 organisation a discount of 10% applies.

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Jean Lipman-Blumen: Connective Leadership Model

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