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We are happy to help you if you need support. You decide on what and when to get it. Online or on-campus.

As a university, we offer you the best education you can get. Professors, tutors and lecturers are ready to teach and guide you. But we do more than that. Of course, studying is your own responsibility, but we are happy to help if you need support. You decide what and when; online or on campus. These are the possibilities available to you:

  • Student Advisor

    The Study Advisor provides information and advice on:

    - Content and structure of the study programme

    - Study and examination regulations

    - Study planning, approaches and progress

    - Binding Study Advice regulation (BSA)

    - Choice of graduation direction/track

    - Internships and electives

    - Studying abroad

    - Thesis problems

    - Studying with a disability

    - Personal circumstances

    - (Possible) Study delay

    - Referrals to student psychologists and/or Deans

    - Information about all kinds of appeals (e.g., exemptions)

    - You can also contact the Study Advisor for all other questions. Depending on the subject of your question, the Study Advisor will give you bespoke advice, refer you to another department, or contact another part of the University.

    - For questions relating to a course, you should contact your lecturer.

    - For administrative questions (registration of courses and exams, grade registration, graduation and diploma applications) you can contact the Education Service Centre (OSC).

    - See website for 10- and 30-minute consultation hours via Teams and telephone consultation hours. Please note: different telephone number per day!

  • Education Service Centre (OSC)

    The Education Service Centre (OSC) takes care of the registration of your study programme and education data and is there to help you by phone or at the help desk.

    You can contact the OSC for:

    - Administration of education and examination data

    - The processing of test results and their publication (uSis)

    - The organisation of tests and exams

    - Applying for diplomas

    - The provision of information on the boards and other information channels

    - Due to the AVG, certified lists of grades and other digital documents containing personal data are only sent by the OSC to uMail addresses. When you request a list of grades, please do so via your uMail address.

    - Schedules

  • POPcorner

    Your online and on-campus meeting place to exchange experiences with fellow students and actively engage in an inclusive academic community where everyone feels welcome.

    Workshops on topics such as:

    - Study skills

    - Effective studying

    - Study Acceleration Group

    - Time management

    - Procrastination busters

    - Students4students activities

    - The POP Corner can be found on the ground floor of the Beehive and online

  • StudentCare

    -StudentCare is a platform entirely dedicated to students' questions and answers. Once you log into the Helpdesk Portal, you will see a StudentCare 'tile'.

    There are 6 categories to choose from:

    o ‘Extra challenges',

    o 'Subjects, Exams and Grades',

    o 'Student Life'

    o 'Money Matters'

    o 'Study advice and help during your studies'

    o 'ICT and facilities'

    You can search for your question per category, or type your question in the search bar. The answers also distinguish between study programmes.

How to uSis

Student life can be tough. It’s not easy balancing school, your social life, work, exercise, and more. That’s why it’s extra important to be aware of how you’re doing and to take good care of yourself.

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