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Do you want to know the best reasons to study at Leiden University or want to know what's it like to live in the student cities Leiden or The Hague? Our students tell you why you have to choose Leiden University to study your bachelor's programme.

Lucas Bakker

African Studies

“I thought there was more to Africa than what we actually read in the Western media. Colonialism is pretty much all we learn about Africa during history classes in high school. I wanted to know more and broaden my horizon. African Studies is a great programme to achieve that. You will be introduced to many humanities-based disciplines, all working together to understand Africa. I find the African languages so interesting, I’m learning Swahili now! I can imagine that after graduating I’ll be working with refugees as an interpreter.”



“The Psychology programme in Leiden offers a very broad academic development. From cognitive psychology to organisational psychology and from neuropsychology to statistics. There are so many interesting courses in Leiden to take, for example a course about the effect of music on the brain. Artificial Intelligence is also part of the programme; I also find that very interesting. The nice thing is that Leiden University and TU Delft are working together in this area: as a student you get the best of both worlds.”

Comar Beulens

Urban Studies

“More and more people are moving to cities. That also brings challenges to these societies. What about sustainability, health, safety and multiculturalism, for example? In the Urban Studies programme we look at the problems, the solutions, the opportunities and the pitfalls. In fact, there are a lot of topics covered in the curriculum to develop real-life answers to today’s and tomorrow’s urban challenges. We are taught by lectures and professors from all kinds of different scientific fields. That is what makes this programme so much fun to follow”

6 reasons to choose Leiden University

  • Our university is the oldest university in the Netherlands and enjoys an excellent reputation built up over more than four centuries. 

  • A top-ranked university: for many years we’ve been among the top 100 universities in 3 prominent international rankings.

  • We offer upwards of 50 bachelor’s programmes, 16 of which are English taught: you’re certain to find one that suits you.

  • You receive a truly international experience with almost 4.000 international students and 120 nationalities.

  • We give our students and researchers the space and the resources to excel. Maybe you’ll be the 17th Leiden alumnus to win a Nobel Prize.

  • Leiden and The Hague are real student cities and have everything you’ll need to turn your time as a student into the time of your life.

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