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BTB Nano


Uprising tendency to apply engineered nanoparticles (ENPs), such as micro/nanoplastics, carbon nanotubes, and metallic nanoparticles, for commercial purposes, has raised concerns that ENPs may release into the environment. Some ENPs ,e.g. carbon nanotubes and nanoplastics, are persistent materials in the environment and in biota. Thus, they can bioaccumulate in organisms and subsequently reach human. BTBnano will use state of the art knowledge and techniques to characterize and quantify carbon nanotubes, nanoplastics and metallic ENPs in cells and tissues.

BTBnano integrates the state of the art with regard to the Environmental science, Nanoscience, Toxicology and Analytical Chemistry to support the environmental risk assessment of ENPs. The project will generate important data and an appropriate set of analytical techniques to investigate fate, toxico-kenotic and ecotoxicology of ENPs in the environment. It will open new avenues for scientific communities e.g. nanotoxicity, ENP risk assessment, nanomedicine, to apply the same approaches for different types of ENPs and in different media.

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