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Academic Integrity & Plagiarism check

Academic integrity is an important element in the PhD track. PhD candidates are therefore required to follow a Scientific Conduct course at faculty level. When they are appointed, PhD candidates sign the Code of Conduct on Academic Integrity and at their PhD defence the supervisor draws their attention to the obligations to society and to science that a doctor’s title entails. Furthermore, all doctoral dissertations are checked for plagiarism before they are submitted to the doctorate committee.

Scientific Conduct course

A number of recent cases of academic fraud and misconduct have generated negative publicity for the academic world. Are these cases signs of a system in crisis or just some anomalies in an otherwise good academic framework? This course will focus on the grey area and your role as an individual scholar in preventing misconduct.

The course consists of three parts: (1) an online module, (2) a lecture on faculty level and (3) a workshop on institute level. The first faculty lecture and institute’s workshops will take place in the fall of 2019.

Open to:                  Employed, contract and external PhD candidates
Obligatory for:     Employed and contract PhD candidates started on or
                                     after January 1 2019

Costs:                       Free of charge
Scientific Conduct

For more information on academic integrity, regulations and procedures, the committee and confidential adviser for academic integrity, please visit the university’s website on academic integrity.

Plagiarism check

When you have finished your dissertation, you need to upload the dissertation in Turnitin at Blackboard. Then send the plagiarism report by email to your supervisor. Subsequently, the supervisor checks the outcome of the plagiarism report, uploads the plagiarism report in LUCRIS/GSM and declares that “the dissertation has successfully passed a plagiarism detector and in every other respect meets the applicable code of conduct on academic practice”.

Further information about plagiarism and the correct handling of citations can be found in the plagiarism guidelines.

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