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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find the answers to frequently asked questions about the Leiden University Mentor Network.

Is your question not listed? Please contact us through mentornetwerk@leidenuniv.nl.

Log in, account and contact details, settings

Singing up and account

Search for a mentor, mentorship and mentor requests

How can I change my password?

  • Log in to the mentor network.
  • Go to My account. You will find this at the top left of the screen or under the Settings tab in the menu bar.
  • Click left in the menu on Security and under Reset your password enter a new password. Confirm the change by entering your old password once. Your password has now been changed.
  • Go back to the mentoring dashboard by clicking on Back to the Leiden University Mentor Network at the top left of the screen.

How can I change my user name?
To change your user name, send a mail to mentornetwerk@universiteitleiden.nl. Clearly indicate your name and date of birth, as well as your current and your new user name. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your user name yourself.

Can I log in with my LinkedIn account too?
Yes, you can.  When registering, if you choose Register with LinkedIn, whenever you want to log in in future you will be able to register by clicking on the Sign in with LinkedIn button. Your mentoring dashboard will open after a few seconds (sometimes you need to click twice on the button).

Even if you have not chosen Register with LinkedIn when logging in, but you have filled in your personal profile by linking with LinkedIn, you can in future log in via the Sign in with LinkedIn button.

How can I change the mail address where I receive notifications?
You can change your mail address in your personal profile, at the bottom right under the Email/Web heading. This is the mail address that will be visible to others and at which you will receive notifications from the mentor network.

How can I prevent my email address from being visible to other users?
You can set this in your personal profile, at the bottom right under the Email/Web heading.

Can I arrange that I no longer receive email notifications?
You can select or deselect this option in your personal profile at the bottom right under the Email/Web heading. Do bear in mind that you will no longer receive any notifications at all, not even any messages or mentoring requests that may be sent to you.

Can I specify more than one email address?
No, you can only enter one email address. It’s best to choose an email address that you look at regularly and where you will be unlikely to overlook messages. A personal email address is therefore better than a work email address.

I am registered as a student, but I have since graduated. Can I become a mentor now?
You can, but as you registered as a student you can’t create a mentor profile.  We need to make a minor adjustment to your profile first. Send an email to mentornetwerk@leidenuniv.nl, giving your first name, family name, date of birth and user name.

I am both a member of staff and an alumnus. Which should I select when I register?
If you want to register as a mentor, when registering indicate that you are an alumnus. If you register based on your position at the university (e.g., study adviser or career adviser),  you are already indicating that you are a member of staff.  If you are registered as a member of staff, you can’t be a mentor.

I want to remove my account. Is that possible?
You can have your account deleted by sending an email to help@aluminati.net. State your date of birth, year of graduation, starting year of study and the alternative e-mail address. Do you need help? You can always contact the Alumni Office

I am an alumnus and I would like to be both a mentor and a mentee. Is that possible, and if so how?
Yes, that is possible. Every alumnus who registers can, once they have registered, search among the mentors and send a mentoring request. By activating and completing your mentor profile you can make yourself available as a mentor. You do this by:

  • Logging in to the mentor network
  • Clicking in the menu bar on the Profile tab
  • Then clicking on the Mentor tab
  • You can then activate your mentor profile by clicking on the green ‘Activate Mentor Profile’ button
  • After that, you can fill in your mentor profile (the more information you give, the better mentees can see what they can approach you about)

It is still possible to send a mentor request even when you have activated your mentor profile.

It is not possible for students to become mentors; they can only be mentees.

How can I set the maximum number of mentees that am able to supervise at the same time?
You can do this under the Mentor History button on your mentor profile.

  • Log in to the mentor network
  • Click in the menu bar on the Profile tab
  • Then click on the Mentor tab
  • You can set the maximum number of mentees from 1 to 5 people under the Mentor History button and then save your choice.

Once your maximum number has been reached, mentees can no longer send you a request until you have ended at least one of your mentor relationships.

How can I search for a mentor in the Leiden University Mentor Network?
You can search for a mentor using the search filters or by manually entering search terms in the search function. You will find this under the Search tab in the menu bar.
You can find a detailed explanation of how to search for a mentor and how to send a mentoring request in this useful set of instructions [link].

How do I answer a mentoring request?

To answer a mentoring request:

  • Log in to the mentor network
  • Navigate to Requests in the menu bar
  • Click on the left-hand side on the relevant mentoring request
  • Type a response in the text field (e.g. an explanation of why the request is/isn’t being accepted)
  • Then click on Decline (red) or Accept (green) at the bottom of the page.

Can I cancel or withdraw a mentoring request after I have sent it?
You can cancel a mentoring request as long as it has not been accepted or rejected. To do this, navigate to the mentor profile of the relevant mentor. You will see an orange button under the profile photo showing the text Mentoring request pending (retract). Click on this button and the request will be withdrawn straight away. The mentor will then receive a notification that the request has been cancelled.   

I have received an inappropriate message via the mentor network. Can I report this?
Most certainly.  When you open the message in the inbox of the mentor network, underneath the message you will see a yellow Report button. You can use this button to report the message to us.  We then receive a notification and can remove the message and if necessary contact the sender of the message.

I am temporarily unable to act as mentor, but may want to resume it later. Is that possible?
Yes, it is. You can take a break from mentoring. To do this:  

  • Log in to the mentor network
  • Go to Profile and click on the tab of your mentor profile
  • Click on the white Pause mentoring button at the top right and you are temporarily not available as a mentor
  • When you are available again later, go back to your mentor profile and click in the same place on the button that is now a green saying Activate mentoring now.

Do I have to accept a mentoring request when I receive one?
No, you do not. The idea is that when a mentee sends a mentoring request, he/she should say why he/she would like to contact you in particular. If you do not think you can meet the expectations of the mentee or if you have some other reason for not wanting to agree to the request, you can reject it. It’s helpful for the mentee if you give an indication of why you are rejecting the request.

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