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Certified copy

A certified copy of a diploma and/or transcript can be obtained at Plexus Student Information Centre. Please note: You need to bring your diploma with you.

Different procedures due to corona measures!

Plexus is closed to visitors due to the corona measures, therefore this service is currently unavailable. We therefore recommend that you use one of the options listed below:

1. Request an digital extract from the DUO diploma register

On the DUO website you can find instructions on how to download a digital extract from the diploma register. A digital extract is a PDF document with a certificate that proves its authenticity. Unfortunately this PDF is only available in Dutch. If you have any questions, contact DUO by calling 050 599 77 78 or sending an email to diplomaregister@duo.nl.

2. Contact your faculty’s Education Administration Office
Your Education Administration Office should be able to provide you with a statement of graduation and/or official transcript of grades.

Information or a copy from the diploma register will only be passed on to employers if the person concerned has given consent either in writing, e-mail with a scan of the signed consent, or fax.


Plexus Information Centre 
Kaiserstraat 25 
2311 GN Leiden 
The Netherlands
Telefoon 071 - 527 8011 
or through the Contactformulier Front - Office

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