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  • In Leiden Psychology Perspective: The Podcast Series, students and researchers share their perspective on psychological research and recent developments within the field of psychology. 
  • Africa Knows brings you conversations with African(ist) scholars and thinkers who talk about their own work, the decolonisation of the academy, and the knowledge revolution taking shape all over the African continent. 
  • Islam is one the biggest constants in European history,’ argues Professor Maurits Berger in the new eight-part Matters of Humanities: History of Islam in Europe podcast series
  • The Hague Diplomacy Podcast: podcast of The Hague Journal of Diplomacy.
  • For the Integrated Projects course students create podcasts about physical violence and public order
  • Podcasts by members of study association ISSA (International Studies)
  • In the It's Not Easy Being Green podcast Leiden University Green Office provides tips on how to live and work more sustainable
  • A Very Mindful Podcast (created by the Centre for Innovation) is a podcast for students, professionals and anyone interested in mindfulness and mental health.
  • Also by the Centre for Innovation: What If Education, a podcast in which teachers, students and experts share their ideas of how they think the future of education will unfold. 
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