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Kunst en vrije tijd - Toneel en presentatie

Talking up a storm: an on-line presentation course | English spoken

Tuesday from 15:00-17:00 (this course has been canceled)

Scott Blick

As a direct result of the present Corona situation more people are becoming aware not only of the importance, but of the benefits to be gained in developing their on-line communication and presentation skills. To this end the LAK is offering some of it’s presentation courses on-line.

TALKING UP A STORM is an on-line communication course designed to:
•    Develop your verbal and non-verbal communication skills that can be applied in both on-line and live interactions
•    Develop specific presentation skills relevant to on-line interactions
•    Address specific issues of vocal production and maintenance
•    Address specific issues relating to body language
•    Examine and structure messaging content 

Each session will focus on a specific aspect of communication surrounding on-line and
live communication and messaging.
Session 1:
Introduction to basic aspects of communication.
Session 2: 
Content work – Retell a well-known story the in your own words. This session is about the participant prioritising and structuring their information.
Presentation work – Learning simply vocal techniques.
Session 3:
Content work – Retell the same story from the perspective of another character. This session is about the participant reprioritising and structuring their information from another perspective.
Presentation work – Expanding on the previously learnt vocal techniques.
Session 4:
Presentation work – Examining and working on aspects of on-line presentation.
Session 5:
Content work – Reviewing a text for a short video. In this session together with the coach participants will review their text for a short video.
Presentation work – Reviewing aspects of making a short PR video.
Session 6:
Presentation and analysis of self made PR videos.

Scott Blick worked as a professional actor/dancer with companies such as The Australian Opera Dancers, One Extra: Dance and Theatre en DV8 Physical Theatre. In 1995 he graduated from the Conservatorium in Den Haag as counter tenor and has worked as a singer, actor, director and choreographer for opera and music-theater production in the Netherlands and England. As well as teaching singing and acting he also workshops in verbal and non-verbal communication and presentation and team building to companies and university lecturers.

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