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International Criminal Law, Justice and Indigenous Cultures

During a series of online panel discussions at the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies, Leiden University, we will explore whether the scope of international criminal law allows for indigenous peoples to be protagonists in the pursuit of justice for indigenous victims of international crimes.

It has been long said that international law is ‘white, Western and male’. A product of Western legal culture, the international criminal justice framework has, in recent decades, been questioned for its inability to provide criminal justice solutions that take into consideration the values and worldviews of non-Western cultures and societies. Indigenous peoples in particular, have been at the centre of many international legal discussions as subjects of international law.  Despite this, their participation in the creation, development, implementation and application of international legal norms affecting their interests is often overlooked. With no indigenous voice contributing to these processes, the international legal norms and mechanisms which should protect the rights of indigenous victims may fail in  delivering them meaningful justice.

These events will bring together indigenous voices from across the globe: experts in domestic and international criminal law and human rights; practitioners;  academics, advocates and others to discuss a range of topics.

26 January 2022: Justice through Indigenous Lenses


30 March 2022: The Importance of FPIC in Investigation Methodologies of Crimes against Indigenous Peoples

21 April 2022: Fact-finding Missions and Truth and Reconciliation Commissions

25 May 2022: Indigenous Peoples Access to International Criminal Courts and Tribunals

26 May 2022: Delivering Meaningful Justice to Indigenous Victims of International Crimes

29 June 2022:  Indigenous Peoples and the United Nations

30 June 2022: Indigenous Peoples and regional Human Rights Systems

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