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Want to know more? Join us on 8 December


Live webinar and Q&A - BSc Security Studies

dinsdag 8 december 2020

Are you interested in the Bachelor programme Security Studies and do you want to know more about this unique programme, please sign up for this webinar.

On Tuesday 8 December 2020, we offer a live webinar for prospective students.

This webinar provides information on:

  • content of the programme;
  • your first year;
  • compulsory matching module;
  • student life.

Programme director Daan Weggemans will give a mini-lecture and information on these matters.
Martijn Bergmann and Bente Sennef, student ambassadors, will share their personal experiences; what is it like to be a student in this programme, how is student life in The Hague?
Study coordinator Florine van Logtestijn will be answering your questions about the online matching and other questions about the programme.


7 December   Link to the webinar by e-mail
8 December Webinar
15:00 hrs.  Start webinar, welcome and mini-lecture by Daan Weggemans
15:30 hrs.  Student life by Martijn Bergmann and Bente Sennef
15:40 hrs.  Q&A
16:00  The End

(Central European time – UTC +01.00, Amsterdam) 

For whom?

This webinar is for prospective students of the bachelor programme Security Studies.

Parents and legal guardians are welcome as well.

About BSc Security Studies

As a student in Security Studies you are a socially engaged critical thinker eager to study real-life security cases in an academic setting. You focus not just on the broad context of these issues but also on the role of government, institutions and media.

In this bachelor programme you will also study various crises and crisis management. Crises are unforeseen situaties which require impactful decisions in times of stress and chaos. How do govenments and private actors work together to prevent, response to, and recover from crises such as natural disasters and pandemics? For example, in the course Case study: Fukushima, students will look into the Fukushima nuclear disaster that happened in 2011 in Japan and in the course Vital interests we will further discuss the SARS epidemic. 


Do you have any questions about this webinar? Please send an e-mail to: communicatie@fgga.leidenuniv.nl.

Do you have a question about the bachelor programme Security Studies? Please send an e-mail to securitystudies.info@fgga.leidenuniv.nl.

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