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Transdiagnostic treatment for eating disorders

  • M. de Jong
woensdag 1 september 2021
Rapenburg 73
2311 GJ Leiden


This thesis strengthens the evidence of the effectiveness of the focused version of CBT-E for a broad range of patients with an eating disorder and a BMI>17.5. When compared to the regular eating disorder treatment, CBT-Ef is more effective in enhancing self-esteem, leads to a faster decrease in eating disorder psychopathology and is the less intensive and shorter treatment. Although recovery rates show that not every patient benefits from CBT-Ef, at this point research has not resulted in answers as to which patients benefit most from CBT-Ef and for which patients this treatment is less suitable. In another study we found COMET to be effective in enhancing self-esteem in patients with an eating disorder. Since we did not find the predictive value of low self-esteem in CBT-E treatment outcome, we suggest to integrate COMET in an eating disorder treatment only when low self-esteem is pronounced and interferes with making progress. A multivariable approach in future big data research could be helpful in answering questions around more empiricalbased treatment matching. With a broad implementation of CBT-Ef, the effectiveness, efficiency and accessibility of an eating disorder treatment in the Netherlands can be improved. Furthermore, training and ongoing supervision of eating disorder clinicians is important to enhance adherence of clinicians to evidence-based protocols like CBT-E. Advances of promising feedback systems can support clinicians to make more systematic treatment considerations and prevent “therapist drift”.


  • Prof.dr. P. Spinhoven
  • Prof.dr. H.W. Hoek (RU Groningen)
  • Prof.dr. K. Korrelboom (Tilburg University)


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