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Festival | Experimental Archaeology Workshops

Experimental Archaeology Week

maandag 12 april 2021 - vrijdag 16 april 2021

This year Terra is presenting you the Experimental Archaeology week from the 12th of April until the 16th!

We have prepared one or two workshops each day for you to join from the safety of your home with the materials we give you!

There are limited places so don't forget to sign up through this form! You can sign up per workshop so don't worry if you can't join all of them.


On Material Monday, 12/04,  join us to learn how to weave baskets, at 17:00 and make a finger painting, with a crash course paint making at 20:00.

Indulge with us on Ptolemaic Tuesday, 13/04, with a workshop perfume making at 17:00 and an online Senet tournament at 20:00t! Play the game of the gods and beat your fellow archaeologists on your way to the afterlife.

On Medieval Midweek 14/04,  we will take you on a trip to medieval flavour town. Join us for a medieval cooking stream, we will let you wine and dine as they did in the not-so dark ages. Join us at 17:00. 

Thor’s day,  15/04, unravel the mystery of the runes in a crash course on reading and writing in this medieval alphabet at 17:00. And  at 20:00 pick up the age-old weaving technique of tablet weaving and learn to make a bracelet, Viking style!

Victorian Friday, 16/06, will teach you how to court or not court in Victorian times  17:00. At 20:00 you can learn the ridiculous art of love letters, join to write your own love letter and woo your peers. However, be advised: Victorian courting will get you all the babes. 

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