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LUGO: Online Discussion - Sustainability

  • Leiden University Green Office
woensdag 27 januari 2021

Online Discussion: Sustainability

We want to invite you to share your opinion in our sustainability discussion! 
In the last events, we realised that a lot of debating took place in the comments, and we want to give you more time and a bigger platform to exchange ideas about sustainability. 

Four topics have been preselected: 
1. Is nuclear power the solution to phase out coal or just another dirty energy source?   

2. should developing nations be allowed to pollute in the same way in the name of progress? 

3. Should fossil fuel companies and other high polluters have a say in environmental policy? 

4. What are the limits to what climate activism can realistically achieve? 

For a more detailed description, check out the sign-up and voting link. 
The final topic will be determined by your votes (voting closes on January 13th)! 

The topic with the majority votes will be the one we will discuss on January 27th, 19:30. 


19:30 - Short introduction to the topic by LUGO 

19:35 - Mentimeter vote to see which opinion participants have before the discussion 

19:40 - Open discussion between members 

20:15 - Pentameter vote to see how participants changed (or not changed) their minds

20:20: Final words, closing

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