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Florence Nightingale Colloquium presents Cees Snoek

vrijdag 18 december 2020
The seminar is targeted at a broad audience, in particular we invite master students, PhD candidates and supervisors interested or involved in the Data Science Research programme as well as colleagues from LIACS and MI to attend. The seminar is organized by the DSO, MI and LIACS.
Florence Nightingale Colloquium
Kaltura Live Room
Cees Snoek is Full Professor in Computer Science at the University of Amsterdam

Unseen Video Understanding

Progress in video understanding has been astonishing in the past decade. Classifying actions, tracking objects and even segmenting actor instances at the pixel level is now common place, thanks to label-supervised machine learning. Yet, it is becoming increasingly clear that label-supervised knowledge transfer is expensive to obtain and scale, especially as the need for spatiotemporal detail and compositional semantic specification in long video sequences increases. In this talk we will discuss alternatives to label-supervision, using semantics, language, ontologies, physics and time as the primary knowledge sources for various video understanding challenges. Despite being less example-dependent, the proposed algorithmic solutions are naturally embedded in modern (self-)-learned representations and lead to state-of-the-art unseen video recognition and retrieval.

Join the webinar via Kaltura Live Room

Kaltura Live Room works best in Edge, Chorme and Firefox. Make sure you activate your camera and microphone beforehand in order to interact with the speaker and participate in discussion. The room opens for the public at 12:50.

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